Corporate takeover of U.S.A

Dear Editor,

Re: What President Donald Trump has already done for America!

In the United States, their foreign policy is dictated by the military industrial establishment, their energy policy is dictated by big oil and fossil fuel companies, their monetary and economic policy is dictated by Wall Street and big banks, their health policy by insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies, and their agricultural by monsantos and other agro-chemical companies.

It’s corporate takeover of the U.S.A.’s been plutocracy rule since the Kyoto rule and even more worse now, in combination with oligarchy.

Cut off corporations and the wealthy elite from influencing these crucial policies affecting international agreements and protocols, and the world will then see and hear the suppressed voice of the real ordinary American people.

I would encourage all Americans to join the “justice democrat” takeover movement of the democratic party. Their aim is to remove big money and lobbying in politics, change policy thrusts to originate from the grassroots level, and place representatives in the democrats to strengthen Bernie Sanders wing of the democrat party.

A good start which may lead up to change in policy direction of the United States from that of the status quo.

If P.M. Tuilaepa was alluded to this, then it’s not far fetched suggestion.


V. Peti

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