It’s a real shame

Dear Editor,


Re: The reality of politics and life in Samoa

Mr. PS Jeffrey, I was merely pointing out an anomaly, something that’s clearly making you very uncomfortable, on the other hand your emotional outburst suggests that you’re very comfortable with your life right now. 

Our forefathers were warriors willing to put their lives on the line for their families and what they believe in. You don’t sound like you have that fighting spirit, what we can see from you is that you are willing to submit before there’s any whispering about a struggle. 

If you read my comments again you’ll probably notice that I was talking about the consequences of a failed system on Samoan society. Get yourself acquainted with the truth, if you want to have a vote in a democratic country the people ought to know everything so that they can make decisions. 

I just don’t understand the reason why an intelligent person like you would assume that ‘Officers of Parliament reports, audits of ministries etc’ is irrelevant in a democratic vote. 

It’s even more heart breaking to read you assuming the insignificance of ‘high political ideals (transparency; accountability; etc)’ when Samoans vote. 

I find your comments very unacceptable and borderline ignorant, however that indiscretion from you is just a validation of my views about the neglect of the people by poor government policies. 

Knowledge is power and education is always the key Jeff, without a good understanding of modern issues the majority will always end up being manipulated by people like our leaders and being misunderstood by people like you. Education is the only reason also why these H.R.P.P guys can get away with corruption because they can do things the majority don’t know. 

Imagine what could’ve happened if everyone was on a level playing field? Education gives you the freedom to choose who to vote for based on available information, you can’t say people have spoken when people’s views (street talk section) clearly demonstrated a lack of understanding of modern government and issues, but I’m not basing my views on the newspaper clipping. 

I am from the village and I know what I’m talking about. 

If development in schools was a priority for H.R.P.P in the past 30 years, then why are there young street vendors and beggars on the streets these days Jeff? 

Is that your version of development? 

I don’t think so Jeff that’s not development that’s what you call neglect. 

When you develop something you put your heart and soul into it, and 99% of the time you will get a positive outcome, what we have right now is the direct result of neglect. 

Only a corrupt government would spend 30 years in office and the result of their developments of the education sector is an increased number of young beggars and street vendors on the street. 

Understanding principles of good governance and ethical practices requires knowledge and good education, it’s a shame that a lot of people missed out on that opportunity because of corruption in the government of Samoa.


Le Mafa P

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