A two-way conversation

Think a minute…Do you sometimes wonder why you didn’t get what you prayed for? Does God really listen and answer our prayers? Is talking with God just something we do to make us feel good about ourselves? How should we pray?

Some people sit back after they pray and wait for God to bring them what they want like a waiter in a restaurant?  A wise man said:  “We are a part of the answer to every prayer that we pray.”  So if we ask God to help us do better in school, then we must do our part of studying  more and maybe even getting extra help from someone.

We can’t expect God to magically put the answers into our brain the day of the test!  It could be that while we’re waiting for God to do something, He’s waiting for us to do our part and responsibility. 

Prayer is a two-way conversation. Prayer is not us getting God to do what we want; it’s more God telling us what He wants so we can learn how to live His successful, satisfying life.  And He’s already told us how to live well through Jesus Christ’s life and teaching, the whole Bible, as well as through our thoughts while we’re listening to Him in prayer.

Imagine if God always gave us everything we ask for.  Then we would just give Him our orders, forget Him, and go on living our own way.  But God created each of us to enjoy a daily, personal relationship with Him.  Maybe He’s not giving us exactly what we’re asking for to get our attention, so we’ll start getting closer to Him so we can listen and learn His right, happy way of living. You see, prayer does not only change things, prayer changes US!

Other times God wants us to wait, even when we ask Him for good things, because He knows our real reasons and motives are wrong and greedy. Or, if we’re asking God to change someone else instead of changing us, then that problem or difficult person may not go away because God wants us to change our heart and attitude toward that person or problem.

He’s doing what is best in the long run not only for us, but for everyone else involved. Remember, He is the only One Who can see the big picture or puzzle of life. He knows how everything works and fits together both now and years later! So why not have a real, honest two-way conversation with Him right now?  Ask Him to take full charge of your heart and way of living everyday, so He can start showing you His special plan for your life.  Just Think a Minute…

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