Leave it to the professionals

Dear Editor,

Usually I would write and state my full name, but in this case I would prefer to be anonymous seeing as this matter has caused a lot of controversy and it definitely would interfere with me putting bread on my table and if it were just me, I would be brave but it is for the well being of my family.  Lol

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole staff of Samoa Observer for performing such great duties as reporting the news, awesome photography, layout, printing team as well writing such informative editorial pieces. Work of art, truly.

Your front page in Yesterday’s issue however has caused such an uproar, and I wanted to write about it! You’ll find that at the end of this I’ll probably be hated but I really don’t care.

My Christian husband doesn’t agree with homosexuality. Over the years I have tried to talk to him about his dislike and told him we are all humans and that we should all be the loved the same way no matter what. He came to accept the fact that yes we were all humans and that we share the same Maker. that was until my brother confessed that he had been raped by one and she/him/transgendered lead the church choir here in Samoa. My brother’s life is full of post-traumatic stress pertaining this. However I am a strong believer in human rights and continued to talk to my husband about an ethical view, for example, there are also heterosexual rapists… etc he didn’t care anymore about how i view things, so I let him be him!

My mother has heaps of trans gendered friends, we usually all have a good laugh over some drinks. One night one of them tried to do the same thing to my brother who was intoxicated. In the end the trans gendered person literally crawled under a bed apologizing as my brother was out to kill him after he/she/transgendered strongly grabbed his genitals and laughed about it. This was a different brother. I sounded like my husband when I gently advised my mother to not trust “ people” they only come around for your sons. I had to then revisit my Psyche and restructure and tell it “Love, Love, Love!”

Do you know what has happened to me since? Ia e lelei a le support o le LGTB community ae vaai faalelei kou sons ma kou brothers.

In that retrospect, Yes I disagreed with how it was imaged and I guess it was one of those weekend mistakes and I loved Savea’s explanation of symbolism lol but the whole out pour of disappointment towards the reporter saying it was a  “man”. Well who are all of you to question God? 

God does not make mistakes! He was born with genitals that identify as male genitals so therefore she was blatantly stating the truth according to her perception (aua le galo le freedom of speech) By the way if I die and I am wearing “male” clothes, if someone reports that I am a man, and if I am allowed I will come back from the dead and correct it…

Furthermore on a humorous note, since we can now change our genders and decide if we can be male or female, does this mean i can apply to play for the Manu Samoa, as long as i say I am a Man?... or maybe the Manu Samoa players should start a girl’s team as long as they state they are females now wearing skirts. No doubt , they will win every game!LOL No offence to the Manu Samoa team... i love you team, whether you win or lose. 

On the Suicide awareness issue, I’ll leave that to the professionals!

Mafaufau fo’I oukou ga aemaise a le au fiapopoko… – Who is there supporting, reporting and promoting your work….. ia, on that note try writing back, I hope you do, I won’t care! At least you have read my point!


Faafetai mo le avanoa,

Freedom Sayer

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