Disastrous good intentions

Dear Editor,

Re: Government and deja vu 

“This story at Vaitele is said to have begun with “good intentions”. 

How many disastrous situations can be attributed to such beginnings? 

“Unfortunately, as many experienced business people will testify, “good intentions” is never enough.”

Because of the statements above I asked myself this question, Are there or were there any projects that were done with bad intention. because I thought these statements were kind of stupid excuses. But I actually found one that was done with terribly and truly bad intention. THE LTR2008 Leasing of customary land and Land Registration bill was truly done with bad intention

“But overall, it should have been about the fact that the money being 

used to fund the project, came from the people of Samoa, the taxpayers - the same people who are exhorted to live within their means.”

“Why is it that many government people are cautious and realistic when it is their own personal money but then turn into a ‘don’t care, billionaire’ when it comes to other people’s money?”

“Is it because these people can be reasonably sure that when it all turns to custard, there will be no accountability as there hasn’t been for so many examples of corruption and mismanagement in government for years?”

This is a very well written article, and some great pointed questions with valid concerns that still need to be addressed. Great read.



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