God is the true answer to our problems

By Sarafina Sanerivi 17 October 2016, 12:00AM

There is no denying is, life is not the same as it used to be. 

With all the changes with have in our societies nowadays, the changes are inevitable and we can’t do much about it. 

However, a matai from the village of Sale’aula Savaii, Ialaoa Poela, believes that there is always a solution to all the problems we face nowadays. 

The 76-years-old told the Village Voice that he is unhappy with all the changes we have in our societies nowadays. 

“Life is not the same anymore,” he said. 

“We have so many crimes and so many challenges nowadays. We have so many crimes nowadays involving the youth. But it’s not just youth as well.

“These are the things that we usually see on televisions and in the movies.”

And what are these problems? 

“Violence against women and children keeps increasing and a lot of cases of sexual abuse and murderers. 

“Samoa is a country founded on God yet we have all these issues in our society. That wasn’t the case before. 

“It’s true that we had some cases similar to this offenses in the past, but nowadays, there’s always someone being raped, killed and abused every week. And it’s not a good thing.”

He went on to say that suicide is another issue which is on the rise today.  

“People think that ending their lives is the right answer to their problems. And it’s also increasing in our country.”

As a dedicated Christian, Ilaoa believes that God is the true answer to all these problems.  

“I truly believe that these issues happen because of the lack of spirituality in our lives. If our country is truly founded on God, then why do we have all these issues? 

“Most people now depend on themselves and rely on their own strength to do things instead on depending on God to be at the forefront of our lives. 

“We hardly have evening devotions in our families these days. But that was the time where parents get to advice and talk to their children back in the days. It was the place and time where parents get to spend time with their children and advice them about how to live their lives. 

“To me, I truly believe that God is the only answer to our problems. We say that everything starts at home, and I also believe that if a family pray together, they forever stay together. 

“Most of these crimes are happening at home. I tell you that these things are happening because we no longer ask God to be the head of our families.”

Moreover, he believes that if we get it right with God, everything will be okay. 

“We need to get it right with God and ask him to guide us to the right path. Nothing is impossible if God is the one leading our paths. We can do all things if we rely on him and ask him to be in charge of our lives. 

“Now I know that the government, and different organisations, villages and churches are trying to find a right solution to all of these problems, but to me, God is the only answer. 

“He can fix things for us and only He can make it right for you and me. 

“As a nation founded on God, we can solve all these issues if we hold on to our foundation and make it solid.” 

And how can we do this? 

“We can all work together,” Ilaoa said. 

 “Everyone has a part of play. We can make this country a better place for our future generation and our children if we all work together now. 

“Teach our children and show them that God is the only answer to our problems and everything will be right for them. 

“Invest in our children by showing them the right way to live their lives. I think that the same mentality we use when we work on our plantation should be applied to life. If we work hard we will reap great success. 

“The same applies if we invest in our children. If we nurture them well and educate them well, they will be great leaders in the future. 

“Some of these things happen when we don’t educate and communicate with our children. Talk to them and share with and make them understand that with God they can do great things and achieve all they aspire to do in life.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 17 October 2016, 12:00AM

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