Saddled with debt

Dear Editor 

That’s the best way to describe it Mr Editor, “Beggars can’t be choosers” - well said. 

Despite Stuis delightful optimism and over inflated ego, Samoa hasn’t improved a bit since independence some 50 years. 

Samoa’s still relying on foreign aid, remittances and foreign loans and that’s the truth. 

The only remarkable achievement that’s worth mentioning from this government is the size of the foreign debt, it’s not something to sing about though. 

More than 10 years as the Prime Minister, the foreign debt is climbing steadily towards 1.5 billion dollars. He was quoted the other day saying that the government is spending approximately 84 million dollars per year to service foreign loans. That’s a huge amount of money being taken out of the economy every year.  So how much do we need for next year since the foreign debt is still growing? He’s ungrateful about the services of Samoan overseas but without remittances, the economy would go belly up because of the amount of money they’re taking out of the country and economy. 

It’s a sign of impotence and incompetence because anybody can make loans and it’s easy to make loans. But not everyone can build an economy that can sustain itself with robust and competitive industries and a working population. 

Maybe this economist should ask that Fijian soldier named Banimarama for some tips on how to create a vibrant economy. 

Corruption and deception seemed to be the only skillset prevalent in the government of Stui and HRPP. 

Where is the rest of Samoas intellectual class? 

The hopes and future of Samoa depends on what you decide to do next. 

There’s no hope in that upper class dwellers called ‘faifeaus’, they are supposed to be the messengers of hope and justice but they’re corrupt just like politicians. Fa’amalo atu i le afioga ia Nu’uausala Sionaia, thanks for having the courage to speak up. 

Intellectuals should help the common man understand the nuts and bolts of democracy and the evils of corruption in government. 

Taxpayers’ money is not politicians’ or government employees’ private piggy bank. 

It’s the people’s money and we should expect honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability every time they handle those monies. 

Workers have been jailed for dishonesty offenses in private companies but somehow politicians can get away with dishonesty violations in government eg, the O.P.C. Report 2010.  Where is Justice Mr law man?


Le Mafa P

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