MORNING GLORY (from ‘Houses’)

I’m standing here

noisily stirring sugar

into the kettle

of tea

then pouring

into tin cups

in a basin of cool water


thinking thoughtless thoughts

amidst kitchen and outside noises

in early morning light and steam

neighbour’s radio blares through the hedge

and finally morning dawns to the sleepers

even though

the cock crowed

the clock bleeped

and I have been calling calling

What’s the time

hurry up hurry up

shower shower oh cold the shower

comb your hair brush your teeth

go back and brush your teeth again

a duck bath looks like

is the tea sugared?

the bread is nice and fresh this morning

can we break it instead of cutting?


watch that butter you’re not the only one eating

what are butter knives when you can butter with any knife?

like a machete? pass the machete please

such a clever idiot

hurry up or you’ll be late

read what? sign what?

why do you spring these up at the last minute?

where are you going? lost what? how much? what practice?

Leave him alone

This is not the time to fight

- must you get messed up NOW?

see you see you have a good day

look after your sister

yes you heard me just do it

Bye bye don’t stick your head out the window

go now that’s enough good byes

see you see you bye bye

God almighty what blessings

have you bestowed upon

your humble stressed out servant


I’m sitting here stirring thoughts into coffee

Breathing morning glory turned survival 

To the tune of Abba singing Monday Monday Monday

From my neighbour’s full blast radio. 

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