My way

Think a minute…A little boy was not obeying his mother. So she told him to sit down and stay there until she said he could stand up again. The little boy angrily sat down and said: “I’m sittin’ down, Mom…but inside I’m standing up!”

There was a popular song made famous by Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, and Elvis Presley called “My Way.” It’s about a man at the end of his life who’s proud of how he lived, even with all his mistakes, because he says, “I did it my way!” That song was so popular because it says how we all feel: I’m going to live my life my way and be my own boss! I’m not going to let anybody tell me how to live—not even my Maker.

Remember John Lennon of the Beatles? He and his fellow Beatles helped lead the rebellion of the 60’s against many traditional beliefs and lifestyles.

They also made popular the use of both marijuana and hard drugs. Many of their followers and fans often boasted that the secret to a happy life was simply to live for today. The problem was they were so high on drugs they never knew what DAY it was!

John Lennon was also very proud of being a devout atheist. He did not believe in God. In fact, in 1966 John Lennon said: “Christianity will die out. We, the Beatles, are more popular than Jesus now.

I don’t know which will go away first: rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.” Then Lennon himself was the first to go when he was suddenly shot and killed on the streets of New York City.

You see, our Creator gave us our freedom so we can choose whose way we want to live: His way or our way. But Jesus strongly warned us that our way is definitely the wrong way; because no matter how hard we try we can’t ever be fully satisfied by living our way.

What’s worse, Jesus said it will only lead us into hell - a place full of the worst pain and suffering forever. In fact, it’s so terrible that our Maker Himself chose to become a human being just to give His innocent life so He could forgive us all our wrongs and save us from hell. That’s how much He loves us!

God the Son came and showed us that living His way is the only way that we can have the satisfying, good life we were created to enjoy. So today, why not finally ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way.

Then ask Him to take full charge of your life, so that for your own sake and happiness, you can start living His way every day of your life. Just Think a Minute…

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