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Dear Editor,

Re: President Trump should learn from P.M. Tuilaepa

This guy Peter Suaniu Joe Hollywood Tofaeono Tinoa’i PS Jeffery, constantly criticizes Samoa Observer on Samoa Observer. 

There are not many leading medias in the world that would publish letters of criticism directed towards them yet the Samoa Observer promote PM Tuilaepa as well who also takes a swipe at Samoa’s leading media every week for no reason - only because Samoa Observer publish facts and evidence of corruption within his govt, under his leadership.

Now this fool has come up with this rubbish and said President Trump should learn from PM Tuilaepa on how to have a thick skin when criticized by the media. If anything, it is PM Tuilaepa who should learn from President Trump and needs to have a thick skin. Donald Trump criticized the media, on the media, because of fake news.

He didn’t go as far as to pass laws to suppress the media in America as doing so would be unconstitutional. PM Tuilaepa however, not only criticized Samoa Observer on the Samoa Observer and via other media, he went and cried to Parliament to change the laws to suppress the media because the Truth hurts him bad.

He even rushed the establishment of the Media Council on the spot to suppress Samoa Observer.

And of course PM Tuilaepa is a dictator. 

That’s the reason why he constantly passes laws to remove the power from the people and onto himself, to dictate the people. That’s why, to date, nothing has been done about the corruption thriving in his govt because those laws are protecting him.

Donald Trump is not dictating the American people. He is passing laws to secure their borders to protect his people from potential terrorists entering his country. Now compare that to PM Tuilaepa allowing an influx of Chinese into Samoa who are now sucking up the wealth of this nation as well as victimize the people in the process.

At least Donald Trump kept his election promises. He promised to build a wall, now he’s going to build a wall. He promised employment growth - now he has created jobs. He promised economic growth - his

economy is improving. He promised to scratch ObamaCare - he did just that. Everything he promised his people he was going to do, he kept them – some have been implemented the others are in the process of being implemented.

What about PM Tuilaepa and his many election promises? He promised economic growth - Samoa gone broke. 

He promised improving water infrastructure - he delivered some pipes with no water and more and more people are complaining of having no access to water. 

He promised to improve education - parents paid out $50 Tala for his govt’s error and the drop out and student failure rates continue to increase each year. 

He promised good health service – he delivered an under resourced hospital (more like a morgue) where more and more people die including women and children from mysterious deaths. 

He promised to table the O.P.C. reports which highlighted govt. corruption under his very own leadership – the report disappeared and was never tabled and we are still waiting for it. 

And the list of broken promises can go on and on and on.

Well, President Donald Trump did not do any of these things the

Dictator PM Tuilaepa did to his own people and what PM Tuilaepa has done is an insult to the people’s collective intelligence. One thing is for sure, at least President Donald Trump is a man of his word and keeps his promises – PM Tuilaepa is the king of broken promises.

You would have to be an absolute fool like Peter Suaniu to even compare a leader like PM Tuilaepa to someone like President Trump. 

Donald Trump is worth $14 Billion of his own money which he earned from his own hard work and sweat – he doesn’t need to commit corrupt deeds nor rob his people to live on.



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