Corruption, government and prosperity

Dear Editor,


Re: How about reserved seats for Samoans overseas?

Great points, great to see you considering the role of the government in fostering prosperity for the country. 

But you need to wear a different pair of spectacles this time now that your peripheral vision is back making your focus a bit better. 

It’s quite clear now that you are not interested in the truth you’re just a propagandist. Still trying to distance a corrupt government and its inabilities to create prosperity in the country. 

Now you’re pushing the blame for lack of job opportunities onto the private sector - ridiculous !!! It’s called investment in the future; it’s always about government policies and a government that champions the sanctity law and order. 

Corrupt governments can’t attract honest investors, that’s because foreign investors want certainty and favourable conditions to stimulate profits and business for their hard earned investments. 

The issues with customary land right now is a contributing factor to this climate of uncertainty. It has nothing to do with landowners, but it’s everything to do with government policies. 

It’s getting more volatile now with Samoa being run by a one party state or dictatorship - not ideal for foreign investments. Yes it’s not the government’s role to give people jobs but if the government cannot come up with policies that can foster business growth and entrepreneurship then nothing will ever work.

People migrate from places to places for various reasons; unemployment is one of the reasons. Can we blame the private sector for lack of job opportunities? 

We need to focus on the big picture and that is the government, good government means more job opportunities, corrupt government means government relies on foreign aid monies, foreign loans and remittances to make the economy work.


Le Mafa P

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