Samoa and disaster capitalism

Dear Editor

Re: What really happens when govt. is broke

Something else that you and I are aware of that PS Jeffrey and his hero the P.M. are either painfully ignorant of or are aware of and are just not telling the Samoan people about is the notorious practice banks engage in now called “disaster capitalism.” 

The banks and their wealthy investors invest in place that have lots of poor people with lots of land and poor infrastructure that are susceptible to natural disasters. They watch, wait, invest with loans and when the devastation hits they swoop in and buy everything or foreclose on everything like the vultures they are. 

They capitalize on the people in the aftermath of the disaster when they are most vulnerable. This is what happened in Haiti after the earthquake. I think PS Jeffrey should take some time off from worshipping false gods and look it up. 

Do you agree Leituala? 

The banks and these wealthy investors actually don’t mind climate change because they are protected somewhat because they can fortify the buildings with good infrastructure they live in. 

They never have to worry about having to drink dirty, cholera infested flood water from the safety of their ivory towers or gold plated bunkers, or so they think. We will see? 

The reason many people die in natural disasters, while others are saved has nothing to do with Jesus, it has everything to do with who gets to live in the buildings with good infrastructure and who doesn’t. Interesting the most Jesus loving countries are the ones where most of the people are living in buildings without the infrastructure to keep them safe.

Even in Samoa those who live in the safer houses during these disasters are the pastors and the wealthy, you know the least spiritual people in society. Some of the resorts on the water have the means to rebuild within a year, so no biggy for them either. Remember what happened to the poor in Magiagi last time? Where are they now? Where are the poor from the tsunami? 

I think they had to relocate up the hill. No one came to rebuild their homes with the aid money that was sent except in Lepa. Lepa was rebuilt quickly and beautifully with their cement wall and coconut tree lined road in front of the village of Lepa. 

Hmmmmm, I wonder why? I know for sure it had nothing to do with Jesus. 

This is just the early warning signs of what to expect from those who engage in disaster capitalism. I guess the conclusion is that some of us have integrity and some of us just don’t. 

That’s why I’m sure that whoever lives and dies and whoever suffers more in these natural disasters is because of greed, good infrastructure and the mass accumulation of wealth by a few, and preferential option for the elite and not about Jesus. I think Jesus had integrity. 

I may not believe he was divine but I believe he had integrity.

Wendy Wonder

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