“Leo o Viiga Charitable Trust” seeks resolutions on “Sau ta Savalivali”

Leo o Viiga is a Charitable Trust registered under Rev. Falefatu Enari since 1993, his first year at Malua Theological College, until he was called by the Solosolo Congregational Christian Church in 2001. Rev. Falefatu, believes there is a generation who grew up with Leo o Viiga outreach awareness programs and the radio programs on 2AP and radio Polynesia FM every Sunday. 

Leo o Viiga was the spokes-group for suicide prevention during this time and it’s work in the community spurred the World Health Organisation to commission the organization to carry out a research on suicide in Samoa from 1990 to 1999, the last ten tears of the last millennium. 

The organization took awareness programs in its’ 8 year tenure to all the high schools in Samoa, and his affiliation with the church made it simple to organize programs in the villages and the church. 

Enari shows great faith in the resurrection of the Charitable Trusts new endeavour in the TV talk show currently viewed on TV3 “Sau ta Savalivali.”  According to Enari this program was born out of three suicides that happened one week around the middle of last year, and two suicides in the week before and the week after that.

As he explains he had a vision of a TV talk show where leaders and members of the community come together to discuss the different issues that causes this terrible illness of suicide. He talked to a friend who talked to a friend and the “Sau ta Savalivali” TV talk show was born.

When he was asked if there were any concerns about the program, his only concern was that the Television coverage reaches the whole of Samoa because it is imperative that the message “Sau ta Savalivali” delivers, reaches every member of the community.

This is more so now that a major sponsor agency has requested “Sau ta Savalivali” to bring on board all the other N.G.O (Non-Government Organizations) like Samoa Victim Support, Samoa Returnees, F.L.O and Goshen Mental Health Sevices to inform the community of the services and assistance  each respective N.G.O can provide. 

Leo o Viiga Charitable Trust is happy that “Sau ta Savalivali” can showcase the noble gesture of all Non-Government Organizations to serve the community for a healthy wealthy and a safe Samoa.

My brother the tree

By Rev Fa’alafitele Falefatu Enari

He is smaller than I, 

and everyone knew why

Coz he’s younger than me,

my brother the tree

Growing up I fenced it,

So it is not, trodden on. 

By jealous passers-by,

Who might do him wrong


His branches are firm,

 yet subtle to sway,

So it’s safe to swing from

for children to play


His branches are filled

With flying foxes at night

And Fruits lose grip

And spiral down in flight.


I never let one drop to bruise 

as I catch them with such zest.

Coz the fruit it bears 

Are none but the best


I would sit underneath it

to escape the heat 

it is so peaceful there

in no time I’m asleep


I can hear him sing, 

As the trade winds blow

A resonant baritone

So full and low


Nature calls

My tree is no more

Branches without leaves

as I grieve and weep


Gone is my shelter

Gone is my feed

For he’s gone back to nature, 

My brother my tree


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