‘This isn’t a rubbish dump’

By Ilia L. Likou 14 January 2017, 12:00AM

Peni Chan Sau of Falelauniu is not a happy person.

He has expressed disgust at the behaviour of certain members of the public who have developed a “really rude habit” of dumping rubbish on a piece of land near his home.

Yesterday, Mr. Chan Sau awoke to find the carcasses of a pig dumped next to his home. He believes someone had dumped the pig there on Thursday night. It was the foul stench that alerted him to it.

“This pig must have been from a fa’alavelave or a special occasion and it obviously was not in an edible state so they decided to dump it here,” he told the Weekend Observer.

 “When I came this morning I saw something covered with cardboards. When I looked under the cardboards, it was a whole beast. It looked like it was partially cooked.”

Mr. Chan Sau said it is people insensitivity that makes him angry.

“How can they do this knowing very well there are people who live around here?” he said.

 “I am very disappointed at the people who have been doing this. Whoever did this has absolutely no brain. They must think that the people living in this area are animals.

 “This isn’t a rubbish dump. As you can see my house is not far from the main road.”

Mr. Chan Sau said he has decided to speak up because he has had enough. Over the years, people have gotten into the habit of throwing rubbish everywhere. 

“The irony of this is that the rubbish dump at Tafaigata is a few meters away,” he said.

“But I think people have been using this area as an area for dumping rubbish for so long that they are used to it.”

The Falelauniu resident said it’s time the relevant government ministries do something to stop this.

“There has got to be a better way of monitoring these things,” he said.

 “I have no idea who is the right person to blame for this mess and as you can see, I am trying to clean it up because it’s not nice to look at. It’s also unhealthy for my family and people living around the area.

 “This is a serious issue and it deserves immediate attention.”

Mr. Chan Sau also wants to encourage everyone to work together.

“I think that if we all work together, then this kind of mess wouldn’t happen,” he said.

“I don’t understand why it’s hard for these people to use their ‘common sense.’ It’s very simple, they can just dig a one meter hole and dump it there. If not, there are so many dogs they can feed with this pig.

“I believe that if we don’t act on it now and do something about it, this will become a norm for these people to throw their rubbish anywhere they want without thinking about of the people living in this area.”

 “We need to work together to maintain our beautiful and healthy environment not only for us but also for our children. 

“And that is something we have to think about. 

“Working together makes everything easy.”

By Ilia L. Likou 14 January 2017, 12:00AM

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