Village preferred to town

By Ilia L Likou 24 October 2016, 12:00AM

Sixty-nine year old father and grandfather, Le’oa Sasalu of Patamea Savai’i said that life in the village is way much better than town areas.

Hardworking Le’oa runs a family business in the village and a taro plantation which helps his family financially and for food as well.

“Personally, living in the village is great because we are safe here and there are no challenges in the village unlike in town where people just do whatever they want at any time.

“Many have said that life in the village is really hard, but the truth is, it’s very simple.

“Unlike Apia where you have to find a job for abetter life and to put food on the table; as for Savai’i you don’t need to worry too much.

“All you need is to find a piece of land to plant taro and if you want to deliver it to the market that’s up to you. If you want it just for food, that’s way better.

He said that village life still maintains their richness of culture.

“Our culture and customs are starting to fade away because of all the changes in today’s world and with the fast technology.

 “But we still have strong cultural values and customs in the villages.

“Many cultural activities are carried out differently nowadays because of these changes.

“We need to stay strong in maintaining our culture or else we’ll lose if forever.

Sasalu said that living in the village allows them to have more time for the parents to be with their children.

However that doesn’t mean to say everything is perfect.

“Something that the government needs to look at improving is to  provide better education and employment here in Savai’i.

“I think that’s why many parents send their children to Upolu - for better education and job opportunities.

 “The government knows that what is good for Upolu, better for Savai’i.

“The improvements in these areas must be their first priority because I believe this will help in maintaining our culture in the future.

“These children are the future of our country if we nurture them the right way and give them opportunities right before our eyes, then we’ll discover the greatness of tomorrow.

He said that in Upolu ‘money is everything’

“As I told you before, that’s not the case here in Savai’i.

“In Savai’i, we have a choice of lands to use to plant anything; we don’t need to wait for someone to help us.

“Because if we don’t, then we all know what will happen.”

By Ilia L Likou 24 October 2016, 12:00AM

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