Lawyer raised valid point

Dear Editor,

Re: Lawyer queries Chief Justice’s church links

This is called tactics. Any good attorney will use the Conflict Of Interest as an appeal. She has every right to address this for future litigation by others too. Judges are fallible just like a common man.

They will make judgement based on the law or the Constitution, but the church may influence him/her to make decision based on some part of the law, and not the full intent of the law.

Our country and cultural is based on our belief in church. With that strong belief, we intent to use our personal belief towards the church as a whole, and not the individual who is seeking justice.

Based on the narrative of this case, the elders overstepped their role by making a decision based on allegations. They quickly tried to protect the church by crucifying one of its prominent members, who by all account refused to enslave members of the church by setting up a retirement pension for all the faifeaus.

I applaud this man for trying to limit the reach of the church by demanding families to give more to the church instead of providing for their families.

I have faith in the judge but, he and the court must be challenged when church matters are involved. I believe this case is beyond the individual. 

I believe this case will limit the reach of the church to enslave our people. Each pastors are given the highest monetary support of any Samoan customary honor. Villages/Communities provide so much for the pastor and his/her family. 

Based on our cultural, even after serving the church, they are still being cared for by the church. His title and service will never be diminished and therefore a pension plan is not necessary. His children will become the sole beneficiary of this pension plan.

We all know that if there’s a person of interest that created this chaos, she would be found by now. 

Samoan communities across the world are pretty good at gossiping. Someone would know the whereabouts of this so-called mystery woman by now.


T. Leone 

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