Stop blaming the U.S.

Re: Who is more dangerous? Christians or Muslims?

It amazes me that people blame all the ugliness of the world’s history on the U.S. Any part of history that have any negative light, you blame the U.S. 

Although the U.S did not exist during those times.

Before the British turned its attention on America, they were trying to conquer Jerusalem. The so-called Crusade executed Muslims in the name of Jesus. In return, Muslims were executing Christians in the name of Allah. 

The U.S had “NO” qualm with Muslims during any of the sorts. U.S became target of the hate from certain Muslims due to its rise to Super Power.

When the U.S became a Super Power, the Muslims switched its target from Britain and other European Countries to the U.S. There were so many attempt by certain Muslim Terrorist Group before 9-11, which it puts them on the direct line fire by the U.S.

I know some Americans are decedents of British Empire. But it is not a reason for you to continue to hate.

I know that 98% of the religion called Muslim is Love. The other 2% are using its great name for violent.

Samoa was founded upon Christianity. The Trinity of God. The same God that Allah followed and praised. Samoa has the right to declare its beliefs.


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