What we all need to do

Dear Editor, 

I was prompted by God to Speak – just saying. 

The true measure of a good functioning society is measured by how we look after our elderly, our very young and the impoverished of a country, that is the true measure and gauge. 

Water is a basic need, a necessity of life, without it we would not exist. I have read the plight of some villages inland numerous times, what will the govt do about their plight?

What does the church think about that? 

What will the church do about that? 

Water is a fundamental need. 

I see church as a form of slavery and bondage enslaving people to compete with who gives the most money and the pride of having your name read out in church and the amount of money each has given (the 27th of November is a prime example of this fact).

God does not care for money! That is a human trait. All God wants is you. 

To bear witness for him to channel his work to be at the right place and the right time for each other. God sent a multiple of messengers down so every faith could be touched. 

Jesus, Mohammed, Bahaullah, James Smith are but a few. 

They all preached the same message of Christ consciousness within every person, every facet of life. Jesus Christ preached without a Church and spoke against the structures. 

One of the reasons why the San Hedron were against him was because Jesus gave the power back to each person to access God. 

The light of God is everywhere not only exclusively within churches. Give your heart to God then follow bearing witness and step out of the chains that bind you. 

Thought with action Contribution and Offering should be about what you can give, not what you have to give. 

Money is a tool but we let it rule the fabric of our fa’asamoa. 

React to the injustice of people’s plights with compassion and action “my whole life has been about this very fact – walking the talk”. 

Thought without action is dreaming. Dreams happen when you actively action them, one step at a time not stepping on each other but aiding each other with love and humility on your pre-ordained life pathways.     


Louana Fruean 

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