Maximize yourself and opportunities (Part 2)

Think a minute…“Everyone wants to succeed. Some are even willing to work for it.” While a humorous statement, sadly this is the attitude of many people today who expect success just to be handed to them. There simply is no substitute for work. But we must make sure our work is working for us. Today we will look at the final steps we need to take to climb the right ladder to real success.   

Another important step is to work at using your own abilities and personality. As the saying goes: “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” One of your greatest feelings and accomplishments will be when you discover what you do well and enjoy doing.    

Your own special abilities are like power tools with which to build your life of success. An Olympic coach said: “You cannot put in what God left out.” So make the most of what your Maker has put in you. Do what you were specially designed to do. “Pigs cannot fly and fish can’t climb trees.” But neither do they try! They simply do what they were created to do naturally. So learn your own special abilities and match them with your job and career. 

The final, most important step is to make sure you are pursuing the best opportunity that will give you the best life. Remember, success is not having money, it is having a high-quality life. That is real wealth. Just as we want to get the most value for our money, even more we need to get the most value for our time, since time is what life is made of. When you run out of time, you run out of life. So make sure you don’t get “ripped off” by spending your life’s time on things that do not  give you real, lasting value in return. You only get one life to live, so get the best deal possible for what you spend your life on. 

Ask yourself: Is the extra money I’m getting from working extra hours worth every hour I spend away from my spouse and children? Remember: “Overtime pays more because of what you’re missing.”  Don’t get “ripped off” by working hard all your life just for money and then learn too late you did not get the quality of life and love you’ve always wanted—and were created to have. 

It only makes sense to ask the One Who gave you your life’s time and talents to start leading your life and career? Each day He will help you take the right steps to your true success He planned for you to have and enjoy. But it can only start happening if you ask Jesus to take full charge of your life. Just think a minute… 

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