Congratulations Samoa for 54 years of independence

I would like to congratulate you Samoa for your 54th Jubilee years of Independence. 

Start from your Highness Head of State Tui Atua Tupua TT, a big faamalo for your patience and love serving Samoa through your political appointment two term reign even though your pertaining village Lufilufi council men had unjustly disgraced your Tui Atua status due to man’s negligence in some 6+ years yet you march on with honour.

Praise is to our dear Lord for your commended reconciliation witnessed last Friday 27 May 2016.

To our Mr. Prime Minster and your Cabinet, malo le faatautai, and do be certain e leai lava se isi i lenei soifuaga e atoatoa, except our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whom willingly bore our foes and triumphantly won us all back from the Evil’s spell.

Public Servants at all corners of our Government arena together with individuals who take on their personal responsibility serving our people where ever you are, faamalo le tautua atunuu. 

Same goes to the tapuaiga i le lautele o le mamalu ma le paia o oe Samoa ae faapitoaugafa se lagona i le au matutua, faamalo le nofotatalo faapea la outou tapuaiga.

To you all our divided (unfortunately) Christian religion leaders plus a handful of non-Christian religion leaders in Samoa, faamalo ‘le faaleiloga’ pe a faapea o lau lena o fai. Aua o loo soifua pea le Alii ma e le o se mea e toe tau matea. O lea lava ua faaali tino mai o Ia i ona manua na faalavalava ma maliu faalavaau ai i luga le satauro e ala mai i si tamaitai o Toaipuapuaga. 

Lest we forget the hardship our forefathers had gone thru let alone our dear Lord God the foundation of our Country and his ultimate gift to us all - his created human race, HIS son whom wishfully left for us all his blessed ‘body and blood’ for our divine nourishment.

To which we his established church i.e. his Mystical body, commemorate it this Sunday 29th May 2016 on His wish for us to remember Him with. 

Hence the essence of our Country’s constitutional amendment Honourable Galumalemana Aiono Falenaoti Tuilaepa S. and his 100% Matai Samoan government planned to go ahead with. And while you are at it team, wonder how Article # 112 -Authoritative Texts, of our constitution concerns you for a change, as well? 

I wonder of Editor in Chief’s view towards our constitutional move? Nevertheless I wish to command him with his newly registered Gatoaitele (Matai Samoa) title. With much hope that he will feel encouraged by our loving God’s shared mana carrying out his work with Love. Believe it or not, if it is not done out of Love then our efforts will be in vain. Am certain for once such love is inculcated in him –same goes with us, and be filled to fullness with God’s then our dichotomy mind set will lessen whilst our willingly ready to serve Him at all times will grow to our individual respective level of understanding.

Which brings me to poor Laulu Dan Stanely - knowing the fella been a devoted Catholic back then, definitely now has a fairly ‘shallow understanding’. Oute faamalulu atu i lau Afioga le Falefia o alii, neither Rev. Motu Ma’auga nor our Mr. Prime Minister or all of us Samoans are of any herds of cows!? Well, not too sure about you though, now but we are all ‘human beings’ -weak ones of course, created by this TRIUNE God in his Image.

Have a read of Sr. Vitolia Moa’s sharing ‘God of Jesus Christ and God of Samoa’ 28 May 2016 for further information and please do it with respect of the Koran 10:94’s direction.

As for your poor Muslim expats already in our midst because of the weakness in our country’s constitution, I wouldn’t mind welcoming you to our shores if you truly come in peace as you claimed? Even though am puzzled, why it is so hard for you to accept such truth as Mario Joseph –previously known as Imam Sulaiman, testified. That the Koran 3:45-55 states ten truths about Jesus Christ with the first one, stating that he is the ‘true Kalimatullah’ –WORD of YHWH/ Allah/GOD!?

Mario reckons that once you all agree to accept such truth then he sees no reason for Muslims ‘not to be called Christian’. To which I agree with him very much and pretty sure Afioga Galumalemana would too, invalidating the concern of ‘fale-talimalo?’ by Sr. Vitolia Moa, right Mr. Prime Minister?

Same welcoming notion goes out to you all Atheist already in our midst here in our Sacred land, Samoa as well. I see freelance Orlando Huaman suits the description quite well with his sharing ‘What your Pastor doesn’t tell you’ 27 May 2016, or is it NOT? To which it confirms the much needed notion for you all Pastors’ to be in total Unity with HIM in his true Peace and Harmony, don’t you agree Mr. Huaman?

Reminds me of Albert Einstein -a renowned faithful genius, reminding one Atheist Professor of his young age whom concluded that ‘God doesn’t exist’ after considering Science Empirical, Testable, and Demonstrable Protocol (SETDP).

That even your brain Mr. Professors no one ever; ‘seen’, ‘feel’, ‘smelt’, ‘taste’, ‘heard’ it therefore according to such scientific (SETDP) understanding it only means you don’t have a brain Mr. Professor, or is it really? 

Hope we all Samoans and all you Samoan residents - either by choice or whatever, would agree on the need to feel out that our brains are intact and that it is filled with God –our country’s founders, divine free given gifts of knowledge so we be freely and willingly stand in UNITY with Him and shine out His truth via our weak human beings just as he had wished.

Enjoy the commemoration of our 54th Jubilee and hope you had all remember our dear God -our Country’s foundation, wish for us on remembering him by participating his feast and consume on his Body and Blood he himself instituted as the main Sacrament within His church –His Mystical Body.


Atalii fanau le au’ a le loomatua Taufusi


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