Why are we not lending a helping hand?

Dear Editor,

As I sit in a room mixed with Polynesian, Micronesian, Melanesian, Pakeha and other cultures and listening to the story of Benny Wenda I begin to ask why is our Samoan community not doing anything? Or are they, but we just don’t know and in that case please advise us how to be part of it. 

Why is it that we struggle to find news on our West Papua brothers and sisters, but we are plastered with articles of who won the latest Toa Samoa competition, Beyonce having twins or something about Joseph Parker. 

Don’t get me wrong these are all wonderful things but why is that more important than the slaughtering of 5000 people in one month, or taking precedence over the second largest Rainforest being taken down by external countries not caring that the rainforest is the main life supply for these tribes or simply the fact that there is a Genocide happening in our backyard and it’s been happening for over 30 years and we haven’t seen a word?. 

Why is it that our Prime minister can donate thousands to an event that lasts a few rounds while ignoring the blood and body parts wailing out from the oceans of which we pride our identity from? 

A culture that prides itself in unification, Aiga, Alofa and most importantly God why are we not moving towards our Aiga that is calling for our lending hand, when did we become so exclusive? 

As I said all these things are good and well but how many chiefs need to be slaughtered, how many women and young girls need to be raped or used as sex slaves, how many children need to be killed in order for people to realize that West Papua is calling for our help?






Alaimalo Mataafa

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