They’ll feast at your funeral

Think a minute…When you decide to do something, whose opinion do you think and care about the most?

Do you simply do what you know is right, or do you first consider what other people might think about you? What will your neighbors or people you work with think? Your family and friends?

Do you realize that when you die, except for your closest family and friends, most people will not even be sad enough at your funeral to lose their appetite! Those same people whom you now try so hard to impress and please are going to feast at your funeral.

Yet, we often neglect and hurt our own wife and children, the people who truly love us, because we try so hard to please and impress others. But the greatest tragedy of all is that we seem to care the least about what God thinks of us.

We almost seem to have no shame or fear of God and His opinion of us. Even though at the end of our life, it’s only what our Maker thinks of us and whether we have truly lived His way that will decide where and how we live forever:  in heaven or hell.

God the Son even became a human being named Jesus Christ to die for all our wrongs and then come back to life, just so we could know how much our Creator loves us. 

Jesus cares more about you than anyone does! Especially those people you and I try so hard to please—those people who will feast at our funeral. So if we’re smart, we will stop living to please other people and start living Jesus Christ’s way to please Him.

Always remember, at the end of your life it is only what Jesus your Judge will think of you that can save you. Just Think a Minute…

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