Work Works

Think a minute…Did you know that the average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work? That means those who use 50% of their ability stand out from the rest.

So the very few who actually give their full 100% of strength and smarts to their work become the most successful of all. Many people want the greener grass, but they don’t want to pay the higher water bill to get it!

“No person has ever slept his way to success, since he just sleeps through his best opportunities.” While we’re sleeping, our talents and abilities sleep with us.

The only way to smell sweet success is to wake up, so you can work up the ladder to where you want to be.

Then after you’ve reached the level of success you want, work is the only way you can stay there to keep enjoying it. Remember, nothing just happens by itself; somebody has to do the work to make it happen.

The great music composers like Beethoven and Mozart did not sit around waiting to get inspired before they started working.

They got inspired because they were already working at it.

But it’s not enough to work hard. An important question we need to ask ourselves is what are we working for? We can’t just work hard, we also have to work smart. Don’t get ripped off by working your whole life for something that doesn’t give you real quality of life.

We need to be smart and get the best deal we can for our life of work. Some people work hard all their lives and become rich, but inside they’re still very poor and unhappy.

They’re unsatisfied and empty because they didn’t work smart for the right things.

Our Maker knows that the only way we can enjoy real success and satisfaction is by living His way everyday in a close, personal relationship with Him. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. If you’ll ask Him and really mean it from your heart, Jesus Christ will forgive you and give you a new life today.

Then everyday He’ll help you know how you can work hard and smart to have the life He created you to enjoy. Just Think a Minute…

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