Serve those who are in need

Dear Editor 


Samoa we need to educate ourselves to know the truth.

We have been enslaved by this religion called Christianity or any other religion. When Constantine supposedly said he saw a vision saying “In this sign, we shall conquer’.”

The sign of the cross. He led his army to fight the Eastern Byzantine empire and he succeeded .The unification of the Eastern Empire and the Western Empire prompted Emperor Constantine to declare; one religion, one God and one Emperor.

He joined the Christian movement because he knew in order for him to secure peace and tranquillity through his reign, he had to make a political move to win the hearts and the minds of the people by joining them instead of going against them. The Edit of Milan was soon introduced to appease the Christians and later, he declared Christianity as the State Religion of the Empire.

The Spanish inquisition was the most inhumane act done by religion.

They were murderers of those who tried to enlightened society.

The 15th century scholar Giordano Bruno was the last person burned alive on the stake on February 17 1600 by the religion that was supposed to preserve life. He was teaching the truth that was contrary to the interests of the Church.

The establishment didn’t want people to know the truth. Hypatia of the first century, Seneca of the 4th century and Socrates were all murdered by the Catholic Church. The 95 page thesis in which Martin Luther exposed the corruption of the Catholic Church for corruption by selling indulgences and purgatory to the people to get to heaven was the turning point for the Catholic Church as the dominant religion.

The creation of the Protestant breakaway religion marked another phase of another prominent religion to enter the lucrative market of “selling insurance” to the people to get to heaven. Martin Luther wanted a piece of the pie, so all these different denominations in Christianity are all breakaways from the mother church. As the saying goes “All roads lead to Rome.”

Throughout history these rulers were not only rulers but also declared themselves as Gods. Constantine was the Pontifex Maximus. So Religion is a powerful, political instrument used by these rulers of antiquity to control the masses.

That concept is still here today and unless we break the bounds that enslave us, we will never get out of it. The “render unto Caesar which is Caesars” and “render unto Christ which is Christs” is literally paying your taxes to the same entity. Then,the Church and State were of the same.

Do some homework and stop being sheep. They will fleece you, cover your face with wool and lead you to the slaughter while you are hoping that a God that will come through the clouds to save you. Why don’t you save yourself through enlightenment and study? The God within each of us will tell us the truth.

Paul of Tarsus tells us that our body is the temple of God. the temple that wasn’t constructed by hand.

Look around and you will know what I mean. Those who have eyes to see but they can’t see, those with ears to hear but they can’t hear. Seek and he shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you. The Hidden Treasure or the Oloa lilo will only manifest through those who really want to know the truth.

The true Christianity is the Christ within us. In Greek it’s called Christos.

The Oil, symbolism of light. When our third eye or the Pineal Gland is activated in our brain, we become enlightened to know the truth. We have been enslaved to a system so long that our poor people are getting poorer just trying to please a God by donating a lot of money that is going to the pockets of the Pastors and leaving your family with crumbs to eat from. The Divine doesn’t need your money.

All is required of you is to love and don’t do harm to others.  Paul of Tarsus taught us that, if you have everything and lack charity, you’re nothing.

The God to serve are those that are in need, your family members that need food that are sick, go visit them, love them nurture them and your children etc. you’ve done to the least of my brethren, you’ve done it unto me. Then you will be a free man from the fiction you’ve been conditioned to believe in.



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