Go back to our Samoan ways

Re: Teachers get powers to use reasonable force 

This is what made everybody who grew up in Samoa what they are today.

Ask a CEO or a doctor, accountant or an engineer his time at the school and he/she will tell you those were the days you get punished cleaning the drainage or footpath or grass cutting on the school field for breaking school rules. 

This is the way to go Samoa, children need discipline at school level and they carry it to college or university level as they mature. Little things corrected can make a great student. Palagi ways has brought us nowhere only rebellion against parents, teachers and teenage pregnancy and or marriage. 

It’s time we enforce our own traditional ways that we believe in because they have worked.

Most engineers, doctors and accountants, technicians are the products of our traditional ways, not the palagis, they have the knowledge but we have to integrate it into our own system of discipline to help a child succeed in school. For an example Ausaid forced the Education Department of PNG to bring in a new system in the 90s called OBE “outcome based education.”

This system was a failure for 10 years that produced half-baked results. A university student after that era writing a thesis or essay had a brain that of a primary school kid.

The system was realised and dumped by the government resorting back to the old modified system that is being used now.

The point is let’s not resort to palagi ways because they are just experimenting their systems on our kids to see if it works then they adopt it in their system.


Russ Hoire 

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