Use all you’ve got

Think a minute… Have you ever felt like you did not get a fair start in life? Do you feel that the cards you were dealt have made it impossible for you to win? Listen to this true story.

John Herreshoff was just 14-years-old in Rhode Island, U.S.A. when he built his first sailboat: a racing yacht called the Meteor. By the time he was 20 he had built another boat called Faustine. It was the first boat of its size to cross the Atlantic Ocean in only 17 days.

Later when John was 27-years-old he built a steam yacht called the Annie Morse. At age 37 John formed his own boat building company named Herreshoff Manufacturing. Together with his brother Nathaniel they built steam yachts and torpedo boats.

Then in 1892, England challenged America for the America’s Cup, the leading international trophy for yachting or sailing. Sir Thomas Lipton’s yacht called the Shamrock represented England in this world-famous competition.

America had to choose its best boat to compete for this highly prestigious prize. Every boat builder in the U.S. was hoping to be given such an honor. Finally, based on his past achievements, John Herreshoff’s company was chosen. So John and his brother Nathaniel designed and built a racing yacht named Vigilant. It won the race.

In the following years, John and his brother designed and built many more winning boats. But you have not yet heard the most amazing part of this true story. John, who built his first boat at age 14… and went on to set many world-records in yacht racing… whose second handmade boat set a trans-Atlantic record… and whose boats won the America’s Cup 5 times in 10 years… was totally blind from the age of 12.

Even though he lived his life in the dark, he did not let that stop him from doing His very best and making his mark in the world. You may not have every ability and advantage that someone else does, but that does not mean you do not have all you need to be successful.

So won’t you ask Jesus to take complete control of your heart and way of living? Only your Maker is the One Who can help you start making your mark and filling your place in the world. Just think a minute…

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