The universe and its many dimensions

Dear Editor,

Re: A metaphysical aspect

In the physical world here on Earth we are souls (image of God) having a 3-dimensional experience. Because we are souls (a part of God) we are infinite just like God is. 

So we existed before we were born on planet earth and we will exist after our short stay on planet Earth. Our real existence is the Universe and its many dimensions.

God is everything. So to experience God here on planet earth which is a 3-dimensional state we describe God 3-dimensionally (remember God is described differently in other dimensions as well in the Universe) hence the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) describing the Godhead on Earth.

So because we are an image of God we are related to the trinity or God-head through the Father (Our Body and everything that it contains - remember God is everything) the Son (Christ-Consciousness or Mind of God connected to our mind) and the Holy Spirit (our spiritual aspect as we are spiritual beings.) Jesus Christ is the first-born soul of God hence him being called the Son. In the bible He is Adam. 

Eve later became Mary (who was also born immaculately). Hence because Jesus is our elder brother he is responsible for all souls and the reason why he appeared on earth voluntary and died on the cross voluntarily (he could have avoided it if he wanted to but he did the will of his Father) so he sacrificed himself for all of us. Because we are originally souls in a body we are “light-beings” or we are made of some form of light. Hence why Jesus is the Light of the World. Remember first chapter of Genesis saying “Let there be LIght.”

In the spiritual world (other dimensions in the Universe) there is no such thing as gender (only when souls enter earth we enter as a male or female or in-between body.) This is why we must be tolerant of all genders.

Now because we are Sons and daughters of God we must practice the Spirit of God which is found in Galatians 5:22 “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.”

As Sons and daughters of God we are actively fighting corruption, evil, ignorance, stupidity, cunningness, selfishness - these are the traits of Satan.

The real sons and daughters of God practice meditation, prayer and service to everyone (the principle Jesus Christ instructed us.) Avoid drugs and excessive alcohol, why?, because you can become possessed by evil spirits and do evil things. If you pray and meditate daily nothing can defeat you in this experience on planet Earth.

Let Christ be with us all and God’s blessing overcome our daily struggles. Remember God and Christ is “Joy” and not sorrow.

So let us carry on making Samoa a joyous place to live and experience.


Keith Alderson

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