Chinese ceasing on opportunities

Re: China’s ulterior motives 

Chinese are visionaries, very astute business-minded people and with highly entrepreneurial skills...under communist rule, all banks are owned by the state.

Their long term domestic and international socio-economic policies to date correlate with their one-child policy that battle the unmanageable over-population concerns of their government over the last 5 decades, and once globalisation opened up boarders for international economic cooperation, the Chinese govt exploited the opportunity with refined ingenuity - they encouraged emigration from china and at the same to aggressively fix their own national economic woes, by using the population outflow as vehicle for state investments.

Furthermore, like the Yazaki Samoa, they enticed more outsourcing of manufacturing and industries from developed countries into China to exploit their cheaper labour intensive population, and in the process bringing with them technology and trade. It didn’t take long before the world saw a booming economy in China.

But how?

They encouraged their people to loan monies from the state-owned banks at no interest rate, they encouraged their citizens to emigrate from China and invest every where globally from housing, to land banking; from small businesses to big industrial manufacturing, from mining rights to agricultural, to recreational, such as golf courses. 

The problem of Chinese property and residential home ownership is now felt in NZ and Australia, so much so that they are treading softly in curbing this increasing problem without being seen as bigotry.

Chinese are enjoying the strong currency exchanges that are now constantly remitted into their country, via rental payments from their expatriate landlords. 

The silent invasion of all countries in the world has even threatened the U.S.A currency, as the UK signed up to Chinese stock exchange in Europe.

The peaceful invasion also prompted prominent economists including that of Mark Blythe to suggest that it is not a bad idea for govt in the developing nations to include in their school curriculum the learning of the mandarin language, as the global economic power seems to be now shifting from the bankrupt american greenback currency to that of the yuan.

It’s no wonder the power struggle in the south China seas and the aggressive provocation of the U.S.A. navy and military might now that their orange president has seen to it that the T.P.P.A. is scrapped, there goes the opportunity of drawing more manufacturing industries into China.

Trump was quite right in reversing this trend, the Americans lost jobs left, right and center due to the Chinese playing on the oldest vice of man – greed.

And the capitalists in the west are never in short supply!

Is it the chinese expansionism or the Samoan govt ignorance that is at stake here?

 Ropati V.

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