Time for a revolution

Dear Editor,

In response to your editorial titled “Why Sogi relocation has national significance,” I want to say that much can be said about greed, disrespect, insensitivity and irresponsibility. 

The Sogi families are the casualty and reality of the irresponsible decisions of this P.M. and his administration.

Needless to say, the P.M. and his administration are deaf to any criticisms or advice (if any), to the cries and insistence of these families. 

They’ve completely lost their sensitivity for humanity and have totally succumbed to the greed and illegalities to forcefully achieve a venture no matter who or what is in their path. 

The P.M. does this with impunity knowing the “people” are with him. 

His confirmation was his landslide victory (rigged or not) and the many stories covered by the Observer the past many weeks. It was evident; those highlighted in the articles dismiss voicing any loud opposition and insisting “there is no poverty in Samoa,” instead made subtle references and recommendations for better facilities and cost of living.

There is only one way to oppose a government who rules with an iron fist and that is a revolution. I know, I sound like a radical medieval basket case....but just humor me a bit.....

This P.M. and it’s administration, through trickery, manipulation and corruption managed to influence just enough of the population rendering them apathetic and disinterested to the plight of the rest of Samoa. 

Going up against these odds pose an insurmountable challenge but NOT impossible. And if we continue to shine the spot light where corruption settles, participate in forums with a loud and clear message and fight the matter in the courts, then there is hope more will eventually wake up, sooner, or they will find an unrecognizable Samoa, with placards that read, “Foreigners Only!” 

Your land will be forcibly taken and you will be paying rent to those “Foreigners!” If you find this disturbing, as I do, then think about the sacrifices YOU need to make TODAY to advance this revolution!

Stella M

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