Yes Means Stress

Think a minute…Are you a “yes man” or woman? Do you always say yes to every body who asks you for a favor and help? Some of us just can’t say no to others.

The problem is our ‘yes’ often means stress—to us and our family.  Many times saying yes to one person means saying no to someone else like your own mate and children.   

Of course, we need to care about others and try our best to help those who need it. But we must also know our limits and that we cannot always say yes to everybody who asks us for help.

Learning to sometimes say no to others will mean yes to your own family and responsibilities, which will help lower the stress in your life and home. Remember, you’re the only father or mother your children have; if you don’t do your job of loving and teaching them, then no one will.

Then our family life at home becomes a tense, angry mess instead of a peaceful and happy place. 

So each time someone asks us for a favor and help, we must look carefully at their request and decide if doing this for them is actually helping them.

You see, if we never let others take responsibility for themselves and their own problems, then we’re not really helping them to become responsible and successful, since we’re always doing their job for them.

So just being a “yes man” or woman is not always the kindest thing, nor is it being a true friend.

Other times, when someone asks you to do them a favor, you don’t need to answer them right away. You can tell them that you’re not sure and you’ll answer them later. This way you have time to think about it and check your own schedule and responsibilities first.

Maybe you can help this other person, but at a different time then they asked. Or, you can help them if they’ll take care of the job or errand you won’t be able to do because you’re helping them. Often, people will still be thankful for your help.

So have you been stressed because you’re always saying yes? You realize you’re giving too much time and energy to helping everyone who asks you for a favor or help, and your family’s been hurting since you’re neglecting your responsibilities to them.

Just ask Jesus Christ to forgive you. Jesus will help you learn how to wisely choose when to say yes and when to say no. Just Think a Minute…

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