Don’t be fooled

Dear Editor,

I feel for this stigmata girl and her parents and how they’ve been harshly criticized by the people, especially knowing that any father would stand by his daughter regardless. 

I know the Rev, the girl and their family members are upset over the criticism from people of her message. The Truth is, if these are True messages of God revealed through her and God wanted her to deliver the message, then they shouldn’t be offended at all – just deliver the message and allow the Spirit of God to work on the people. 

I myself have doubts. I’m happy for the people of Samoa to question the authenticity of the stigmata and the messages. How many false prophets of the past (and present) who claimed they’ve been chosen to deliver the message of Jesus/God and everyone jumped and followed without discernment, and those prophets led them to mass murder/suicide at the end? 

False prophets like David Koresh, Jones and 100s of others before them? Remember Samoa is founded on God and each time you open that Bible and read it, God is communicating with you directly. 

God is communicating with us every day but the people of this nation deny His Voice every second of their lives and follow the voice of the devil instead. PM Tuilaepa, the H.R.P.P and the leaders of this country all know that. For the past 30 years since H.R.P.P came to power till this present day, they continue to corrupt this nation and oppress the poor, the sick and the weak. 

For 30 years, PM Tuilaepa and HRPP have heard God’s voice telling them not to do it but they still go ahead and rob the people and follow the voice of the devil telling them, “Go make $Billion loans and do whatever you want – don’t worry the people will pay for it. You’re not going to be the PM forever. Give their lands

to the Chinese and don’t hold any more church services on Independence Day. If the people cry out about poverty, high unemployment, the high cost of living, the high suicide rate, the escalating crime rate etc –deny them all.” 

That’s the devils loud voice to PM Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P and all the leaders of this nation. Little do they know, to deny the poor, the sick and the weak is to deny the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

That’s the message from God to me to pass on to you every day. I don’t need His message to be delivered to me in Hebrew or any other language – His message is delivered to me and all of you loud and clear in the language of the Holy Spirit every second of our lives. 

I wish Rev Opapo and his stigmata daughter Toaipuapuaga could post all the messages on here – let us translate it ourselves. Translating Hebrew and Aramaic into English is no different to translating Samoan into English. 

Knowing how PM Tuilaepa, H.R.P.P and the Spiritual leaders are, they might corrupt the messages to make themselves look angelic. 

I also hope it’s not the purpose of PM Tuilaepa’s trip to New Zealand to go to the Hebrew center where he sent the message to be translated and alter it to his favor and use it for his political spins. The man is not afraid, he has done it many times over and the people of Samoa continue to be fooled by it. I also wish both the stigmata, Rev Opapo and their family all the best.

Mebahel Raguel

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