The Bible tells me so

Dear Editor

P.M. highlights role of ‘third gender’

My Bible tells me that all love is pure and natural - not just man-woman sexual affections or love which your "religious doctrine" decides is love.

Also my Bible does not tell me that the sexual loving relationship of a fafafine is lust and unnatural. 

If a fafafine's act is unnatural and lustful then it makes your trouser-excitement also lustful and unnatural. After all both you and the fafafine were created by the same God with instincts and sexuality which HE decided ie: man, woman, 3rd gender. 

In fact Jesus lived with 11 men till age 32 and our Lord seemed happy and gay - very far from how miserable & bitter you sound !!

Many man-man and woman-woman relationships are enriching. Am sure you've tried it and enjoyed it - even if you’re still closeted & frustrated. We now have same sex marriage in over 40 countries. Samoa also has a rich well-respected fafafine community - respected by international world leaders.

You’re the one who complains about being blocked - not me! Maybe your ideas about "truth" and "can cast a stone" sound terribly Unchristian, terribly bitter to listeners and cause you to get blocked. 

Good Christians are welcomed. Crazy religious types - self styled messengers - get blocked!

We don't need to "yell" and there's nothing to "overcome" - except a lack of education maybe. The simple fact is since we don't know what happens in your bedroom it’s impossible for you to be telling us about true love and lust and what’s natural.

What you preach here and what really happens in your bedroom are 2 very different things. Perhaps you enjoy all sorts of different sexual situations...... it’s cool.

However; we simply don't know and nobody cares - what we do know is that you sound like a closet gay.....bitter and angry at what you see as the sexually liberated and happy.

Maua Faleauto

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