When the Minister contradicts the P.M.

Dear Editor,

Re: Minister says govt. will revisit awards policy 

Who is telling the Truth here? 

This is the second time MP Keneti Sio has contradicted what PM Tuilaepa has said. 

This week, PM Tuilaepa said the government would not revisit their policy which only gives a monetary award for Gold medalists only. 

Now MP Keneti Sio said govt will revisit their ‘Award’ policy. He also said, the Cabinet formulated the policy at that particular time, and didn’t have in mind the difference between the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. 

That to me shows how dumb PM Tuilaepa and the Ministers who made this policy, were.

But of course there is a big difference between the Olympics games and the Commonwealth and Pacific Games. 

To win a Silver medal in the Olympics is equivalent to 10 Gold medals in the Commonwealth Games, and 100 Gold medals in the South Pacific Games. 

You’d have to be dumb and stupid not to know that difference. That’s why I call PM Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P aivalea because they are - all the time. 

How many laws have they passed and they later realized the weakness of those laws, that they had to change it again and again and again? And now they’re doing it again with the Sports medals? The question I’d like to ask P.M Tuilaepa - Which law allowed the govt to pull out $280,000 Tala that was given to Joseph Parker , yet his fight was not in the same caliber as the Olympics?

Wherever they pulled that money from, why not get some money out from the same place and give it to Ele Opeloge? Why not get some money from S.T.A to award her for promoting Samoa worldwide?

For Ele to put Samoa on the map through her wins in the Oceania games, Commonwealth games, World Championship and now the Olympics, that marketing alone of Samoa to the world is worth $Millions. 

The people are not asking for a $million to give Ele but for $5 Tala at least which PM Tuilaepa and his govt refuse to give yet it’s the people’s money – not his!

This is where you use common sense like one professor from Vaipouli College once said, “What’s the point of passing laws when the people who pass them have no common sense at all? You might as well become lawlessness.”

That’s exactly what has happened with this govt. They think it’s normal to corrupt taxpayers and get away with it because they have no common sense. In other words they’re leaders walking around with no brains. This is exactly why we’ve ended up with a $2 billion loan and the people have seen nothing for it.



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