The simple solution to our problems

Dear Editor, 

What is the root of all these problems with our youth and the epidemic of child vendor in our nation?

1. Education

2. Church

What do the two have in common in Samoa? 

Greed, Greed, Greed. 

Is it necessary? No! It’s all about money!

Schools in Samoa do not require maintenance. 

It’s infrastructures require minimum service such as cutting the grass, which kids normally perform anyhow. They do not have fifty to two hundred or so people performing maintenance each day.

Church in Samoa do not have Air Conditioning or high maintenance either. Church and village youth groups perform most of the work if needed.

Why are these kids are being slaved on the street?

To find money to meet the greed of the school and church.

If the government use tax money to pay for its teacher, it will remove half of these kids from the street.

If the church can lower its demand of compensation for the Pastor and other nonsense, these kids will be off the street.

If the government can institute a tax plan to pay the teachers, and pass a law that states: Any person under the age of seventeen (17) shall not sell goods on the street or be used as a vehicle to gain financial gain for a family or group. 

Penalty for committing this crime? 

Fine the village that the offender is calling his/her primary resident. This will eliminate all these issues that are growing a rapid pace in our capital.

It is impossible to ban kids from selling goods if you do not have a solution in place first. A solution that will help parents ease their pain and provide hope for the future of their children.


S. Leone

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