Why do bad things happen to good people?

Think a minute…Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does that kind, honest person who does the right thing get fired from his job?

And why does that evil crook become rich and get away with lying and cheating? Maybe you’ve asked yourself:  “If God is so good, then why doesn’t He do something?” We feel like the little girl who wanted a big new bicycle. But her father told her no because she had to wait until she was bigger. The girl got angry and said, “Then I want a new Daddy!” 

Sometimes when we don’t agree with God we act like that little girl who can’t trust her father, even though He knows much more than her. He understands that she’s not ready for a big bicycle. But she just thinks her father’s not fair or doesn’t really love her.

Our problem sometimes is that we’re looking for the wrong answer. We don’t believe what God is doing is for our happiness, or that He’s even isn’t listening to us. But He is. In fact, He’s answering needs in your life you don’t even know about! 

As one wise person prayed:  “God, don’t punish me by giving me everything I ask for.”  You see, many times we simply don’t know what will make us happy for the rest of our lives.  We just want to be comfortable and happy for the moment right now. But God is trying to help us and make sure we are happy forever.  So He’s trying to fix the bigger problem of our heart and relationship with Him our Maker.

Does that mean Jesus doesn’t care about our suffering now? No, it’s just the opposite. Jesus cares very much! He knows exactly what it feels like to be hurt and suffer unfairly for something you didn’t do. When God the Son Himself, Who was completely innocent, took all the pain and penalty for our wrongs and sins, He cried out to God the Father:  “Why have you left me?”  Even Jesus Himself, after He became a human being, did not get the answer He wanted right away. Was it fair? No. But it was God’s mercy and love for us and our only hope, since God the Son’s death was the only way He could forgive you and me to give us a new life.

So why not put your life in the hands of your Maker Who loves you that much?  Decide today to start living for Him His way, knowing that everything He does in your life is for your permanent happiness and success. Just Think a Minute…

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