The wonders of work (Part 2)

Think a minute…The famous African-American Booker T. Washington was extremely poor. 

He was only 16-years-old when he traveled 500 miles to attend university. 

After he finally arrived, a teacher ordered him to sweep the room. So Booker swept the room not just once, but three times! Then he dusted the furniture four times! That was the kind of person Booker was. 

He always went “the extra mile” and did his very best to finish all his work well.

Years later Booker became a professor and actually started his own university, the Tuskegee Institute! This was still in the late 1800’s when most white southerners treated African-Americans horribly as an inferior, lower class of people. 

One day as Booker was walking past a southern mansion, the lady of the house called out and ordered him to chop some wood. So he pulled off his coat, chopped the wood and carried it into her house. One of the servant girls recognized Professor Washington and told her boss and owner of the house, Mrs. Varner. 

The next morning this wealthy woman, Mrs. Varner, went to Professor Washington’s office and apologized. 

She also gave a large amount of money to help his university, and persuaded many of her rich friends to also give money to Washington’s school.

As it did with Booker T. Washington, when diligence, humility and inner strength becomes a part of your character and daily way of working, it brings good things to you and others. 

Real success comes when you work to help make the lives of others better. The wonder of work is that it makes both you and your family better. 

You get more in return than what you gave. It is simply a law of life that works for your happiness and success. As a prosperous businessman says: “Hard work is the best investment a man can make.” 

In 1949 an unknown scientist started research on polio. 

He worked 16-18 hours a day—6 days a week—for 5 years! His reward? He found the cure for polio and saved millions of lives around the world. 

Dr. Jonas Salk’s hard work paid off in a big way, and he is now known as one of history’s greatest men of medicine. 

Are you enjoying the success and satisfaction that comes from diligently using your time and talents God gave you? 

It is the only way you can make your family and career the best it can be? 

Sincerely ask Jesus to help you start reaching your full potential by discovering the wonders of work. Just think a minute…  

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