E leai se la’au e falala fua!

Dear Editor

The article ‘Divine warning? Or is it just a hoax?’ by Pai Mulitalo Ale –07 April 2016, reported on Professor Morris (Department of Religious studies of Victoria University, Wellington) who queried regarding the recent stigmata phenomena.

Reminds me one of the ‘genius Albert Einstein (A.E.)’ recorded conversation with one of his professors –at his fairly young age. The professor had questioned the existence of God, for there must have been much evil happenings encountered back then, up to the point where he concluded that God does NOT exist!? 

Then AE corrected his limited conclusion by asking questions regarding the truth about ‘cold’ and ‘darkness’ whether they exist? The professor with less hesitation answered that of course both ‘cold’ and ‘darkness’ exist where to his surprise A.E. corrected him that both ‘cold’ nor ‘darkness’ were never in existence. But they only appear to exist mainly due to the absence of ‘heat’ and ‘light’ respectively. 

However Professor Morris does state couple of sound notions though: 

First, ‘that it is extremely unusual for Stigmata to occur on someone outside of the Roman Catholic Church’ and 

Second for Stigmata it sure is a breach of nature and it doesn’t make any sense? Whereby both Toaipuapuaga and her dad Rev. Opapo rightly state; “I know many people don’t believe me but that is okay. I feel that my mission is to spread the word of God. We will all one day be judged” and “if this is how God sends his message and vision to Samoa, who are we to question it?” respectively. 

It is my sincere hope that both Toaipuapuaga and her dad would carry on with their humble hearted attitudes witnessing God’s will as shared through them. Believing in Him that with their personal admittance that He and him He alone is the rightful judge and He will come in His own good time as promised. Therefore we should not be too worried after fulfilling our part to the best of our ability as He will do the rest, a ea?

On the same incident, Lanuola Tusani Tupufia’s article ‘Stigmata is a miracle’ 03 April 2016 reports on our Prime Minister’s ‘realistic view’ of the situation. Knowing him to be a renowned ‘realistic person’ he can also be referred to as a ‘faithful one’ but to a lesser extent. However I believe he had done a good job with his stated facts being in line with the TRINITY Gods Church documented occurrence. 

Unlike Pastor Unoi –as reported by Pai Mulitalo Ale on the same day in her article ‘Pastor cautions against claims’, who seems to be a ‘faithful chap’, yet he is one hell of a limited ‘Sola Scripture’ person! 

A simple question for the poor soul though,  I wonder whether he can point to us which Holy Bible he is referring on for the word of God he is talking about? For I know the Jews and many other sects now days are following the Koran. 

Christianity has two sets of the so-called Holy Bible; one has 66 books while the other one has 73 books. Now I’m not too sure of which the Mormonism and the Jehovah’s Witness comes first, but I know for a fact they both have their own sets of holy books. So which one he is talking about?   

Anyhow with all these phenomena occurrences in our days it should call to remind us all of one of Apostle Paul’s famous testimonies of his times recoded in the Holy Bible (and I recommend that 73 books one for that was a properly approved one after canonising by Him within his Mystical Body, i.e. His founded Church. To whom He had given His Authority doing so some 300 years after Christ ascend to Heaven) that ‘there is nothing new on this earth accepts Jesus Christ where at the fulfilment of His times, he then gets to be born into our world for our salvation’. 

And with this Samoan old saying, ‘e leai se la’au e falala fua’, there and then I urge you Samoa let’s not waste our time asking the ‘why’ question? But rather the ‘what’ question, as in -‘what shall I or what shall we’ do, fulfilling our individual divine calling! Of course we are all weak humans, and who is any better? But HE rather uses our weakness instead of our ‘fia poko’ seen most of the time, a ea? I myself am forever wishing that He remains with me all time to the day he wishes for me to end my journey in this preliminary life. I get to gutu oso on HIM sometimes and wish for me to come now ua ta le lava lenei olaga faigata, but never mind ‘He has given and He shall be the only one to take it away. 

Having said so I wish to remind you all who have doubts about our Mr. Prime Minister friend with your aimless speculation that somehow he had much manipulative authority on our nation’s recent General Elections, that God is well and alive. I accept our Elected One Party Parliament mirroring on how God calls on Abraham when he needs to form up a nation for HIMself. With our 100% Samoan Matai forum and its feminine representatives – reminds me of how God calls on His Mother Mary at the fulfilment of his time.

I wouldn’t worry too much of the Melchizedek divided forum for not only that this Melchizedek figure has; (a) limited information of his heritage line in the Church Archives but (b) they – these Melchizedeks wishful, are still having that Eve and Adam’s finger pointing attitude now a days.

Now to you our nations parliamentarians I wonder whether you may have an appetite to reconsider that ‘very limited outcome’ by the 2010 Commission of Enquiry asked to review our country’s constitutionwith regarding its representation of our Almighty God as per its preamble and Article 11 -Freedom of Religion? The notion was recommended by the 2002 National Council of Churches annual meeting and our current Prime Minster accepted it on that same day.

Pastor Unoi does not know anything about it as his sect is not included in the National Council of Churches -for whatever reason only God knows? Hope it’s nothing to do with personal greed while aimlessly and vaguely using poor God’s name fulfilling his purpose? 

I hear Toaipuapuaga mention something along that notion.

And I have NO doubt that that is of the TRINITY GOD’s wish for our (Sacred Centred) –SAMOA Nation –which is Founded on HIM nowdays to stand out with confidence and ripple out such TRUTHS of HIS Almighty goodness to the whole wide world, don’t you agree?


May you have a blessed Sunday, Samoa.


Atali’i fanau le au’ a le lo’omatua Taufusi

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