Education empowers

By Ilia L Likou 13 February 2017, 12:00AM

Education is a priority and everyone’s birthright according to a 20-year-old from the village of Vaitele-Uta. 

Tevita Amituana’i graduated from the National University of Samoa last year with a Certificate of Electrical Engineering.

He is the eldest of two children.

“I took this course last year and graduated with that certificate,” he told the Village Voice.

 “I think this is not the end (education) for me, but for this year, I’m looking for a job so that I can provide for and support my family, especially my mother.

“I want to continue on with my studies while I work at the same time. 

“That is what I’m looking at now; to help my family financially.

Moreover, he said that education refines character.

“That is what I know about education,” he said.

“What’s really interesting is the fact that it also builds and creates beauty in our family and the whole community.

“We all know that education is something that we can live with for the rest of our lives if we keep on studying, no matter how old we are.

He believes that education is the key to success.

 “I believe that in God’s timing, I’ll be able to continue on with my education, but for now, I want to find a job.

“I’ve already sent my applications to some companies, but I’m still waiting on their replies.

“Hopefully I’ll get something as soon as possible.

Tevita understands that building a strong family takes hard work.

“I learned this lesson from my mother; she’s the only one who provides everything to make sure that my youngest sister and I go to school every day no matter what.

“Part of that lesson, is teaching us how to view different challenges in life and work on them.

‘Yes, some may see challenges as something to avoid, but personally that’s not me. 

“They teach me that working for and with our families, brings great blessings.

How can education empower youth?

 “There’s a saying that people without education are like weapons without bullets.” he explained.

“While being youths, we are at the centre of absolute strength in our family, village, church and the whole country.

“So the youth should be equipped with the best possible education so that they can contribute to the development of the community as they are essential elements of the country.

He reiterated that education sustain and enrich life.

“Life isn’t easy anymore, but I believe education is very important.

 “I know everyone has different talents, some people are naturally gifted in certain aspects of life and some are naturally gifted in other aspects, some people have different skills and interests to others...

“But to me, education enables us to survive the disappointment and tragedies of the modern world that we’re living in now.

“I’m not saying this, because I am able, but just a thought to share about how important it is for us to keep pushing ourselves in education.

“Success in education is not easy...but hard earned achievement brings a sense of self-worth.

By Ilia L Likou 13 February 2017, 12:00AM

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