The fall of the Rome Empire

Dear Editor,


Re: Church Minister feels deceived 

Agreed. The latest travesties are the US and Frances thinly veiled raping of resource rich Africa under the guise of fighting terrorism. 

They are so stupid and will become irrelevant. 

Whereas China is conducting a much more lucrative global strategy of a Chinese modern day Marshall plan. 

Brilliant, France and The US are in Africa killing civilians, patrolling foreign lands with soldiers and destroying infrastructure while China builds them schools, state of the art ports, roads and hospitals. 

Gee I wonder why France and the US are so worried about terrorists at their borders. 

Again they are sooooo stupid and will soon be irrelevant, but then again the US has always enjoyed legislated approved killing of black people and Muslims both externally and internally so maybe they also get some sick satisfaction from killing black Muslim civilians in Africa just for fun. 

Britain’s hand is in this through their banking empire which funds all this killing. In general, but for a handful of enlightened whites throughout history, white Americans, white Europeans and white Brits are worse racists than Hitler ever was and have killed more people of color than Hitler ever did. 

Christianity today is the same kind of Christianity that Hitler endorsed. Fascism. The fall of the Roman Empire.


Wendy Wonder

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