Wake up Samoa, you have been warned

Dear Editor,

Does anyone not see what’s happening here? 

The only reason the Chinese do not infiltrate and make overt attempts to dominate the American Samoa Island is because they are tethered to the U.S.

We currently have a huge dispute in the South China Sea. China recently “urged” Australia to be cautious with matters of the South China Sea, because they are well aware of the friendly relationship between Australia and the U.S.

The Chinese are buying up Samoa (and will soon own it) and the surrounding Pacific regions to solidify and beef up their strategic location to the South China Sea area. 

They have the money and they’re going to spend it to their advantage.

And Tuilaepa is too blind by the $$$ signs he cannot see beyond his nose. 

When the Chinese come calling, all he hears are the sounds of a cash register, “KA-CHING!” He’s going to retire and leave office and will be spending the rest of his life, not in Samoa but in the US/Australia/New Zealand where he will be comfortable and enjoy the rest of his life with all his ill gotten spoils, while Samoa struggles with it’s lagging economy, it’s pervasive poverty, it’s street peddlers, it’s “slave wage” employment, and an exploding Chinese problem.

Wake up Samoa because Tuilaepa is selling out Samoa right under your noses. This is why he’s strong-arming the Aiga Land to surrender the authority to the government... control.

You cannot wake up one day and ask, “what just happened?”, because the evidence is being reported regularly...so stop what you’re doing and take note!

There is nothing wrong with inviting Chinese companies into the island, but when they dominate the business landscape and when they finance all if not most of your business ventures, it’s a problem....especially when they decide to leave....let Yazaki be a lesson!


Stella M

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