Don’t stuff this up S.R.U!

Dear Editor,

Re: Gordon Tietjens new role with S.R.U

Will Gordon Tietjens be the next victim of Samoa Rugby Union?

Gordon Tietjens is a special man, a very gifted man. I will put my hand on my heart and say he is the best Sevens coach in the world. 

But I am also on my knees and lifting my hands up in the air and praying very hard “Please God have mercy on us” I pray that the S.R.U does not stuff this up. Gordon Tietjens is the most experienced coach S.R.U has ever had. Ever! Even the experience of twenty coaches added together will not match Gordon’s experience. And now Gordon Tietjens is entering the lion’s den -- the Samoa Rugby Union (S.R.U).

Here are some of the things we know about the Samoa Rugby Union (S.R.U):

 (1) SRU is an organization that is very well funded by the I.R.B and private sponsors but no one knows where the money is going. There are no proper audited reports. There are missing and misplaced money – according to those audited reports.

 (2) S.R.U is run by selfish and unprofessional officials. They are stubborn. They are the authority and everyone else are their servants - coach and players included. When things go wrong the players and the coaches get the blame and are sacked immediately.

Gordon Tietjens will work in an environment where the Samoa Rugby Union is the authority (professors of rugby) and the coach’s job is to bring successful results no matter what the difficulties and stresses they are put under.

 (3) S.R.U moves at a snail-like pace. Nothing gets done quickly and professionally. They do not understand what time is and how to use time properly. But they expect miracles from the coaches.

This is going to make for interesting times in Samoa Rugby. Will S.R.U change? Or are they going to do the same thing over and over again like what they did to other previous coaches.

The issues Gordon Tietjens will have to deal with are:

(1) Lack of Resources made available by the S.R.U

There is not much resources or money given by the S.R.U but they expect successful results.

 (2) Selection Process - problem of selecting the right players.

Samoa has so many talented players but the S.R.U selects the players (no matter how unskilled or whether they lack the talent). The S.R.U expects the coach’s job is to make these selected players become professional players quickly. This is opposite to what Ben Ryan did in Fiji where he went around villages and tournaments and picked the players he observed already had the raw talent and all Ben had to do was put the finishing touches on them. So they already had the skills and talent but he made them play the game plan.

(3) The S.R.U Administration are know-it-all professors

The Coach is working in a very difficult organisation where truths are hard to find. Honesty and openness is non-existent. I hope Gordon Tietjens will tell the S.R.U officials straight up to “stop the BS and give me what I want, now!”

Please, please S.R.U this is your last chance; do not stuff up the best 7s coach in the world. I pray that Jesus Christ protect Gordon Tietjens and give him all the mental tools to overcome the manipulation and cunning officials he has to deal with. All the best Gordon Tietjens. And for the S.R.U - all of Samoa is watching you!


Keith Alderson

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