Johannie Day Spa answers the call for alternative healing

Stress may be invisible but it’s a condition that wreaks havoc on the health of people in these modern times.

Long work hours is becoming the norm and we forget to look after the one person that makes it possible to juggle commitments with work, family and community – the self.

Massage Therapist, John Sinei is only too familiar with the consequences in the trend of increasing stressful lifestyles, as clients come to him seeking relief from aches, pains and stresses.  

Sinei understands that we need more than medicines to heal our bodies from ail of modern living. As someone who is a qualified nurse and massage therapist, Sinei is able to draw from both worlds to better enhance his calling to be a healer. 

Sinei recently opened up his own massage therapy practice “Johannie Day Spa: Healing Therapy” at Tufuiopa after managing the spa at the Sheraton Samoa Beach resort where he trained the therapists there in beauty therapy and massage. 

“I graduated in nursing even though it wasn’t my passion but I wanted to do something that was connected to being a doctor because that’s the field I originally wanted to get into but unfortunately at the time I was studying medicine, I was too young and not focused. 

“I graduated from nursing eventually but I realized that nursing is not my field because I wanted to work in a field that had repeat clients who came in for healing.

“There’s a difference between nursing and therapy. With nursing, you deal with patients who have “bedside” problems such as hypertension, heart attacks, ad strokes which are all medical problems. But with therapy, you deal with clients who have problems with muscles, nerves, tissues and bones and who need healing therapy in relaxation and pain relief. 

“I applied to the Auckland University in New Zealand in 2015 where I studied and specialized in muscle and bones. In continuation of beauty therapy because my passion as a massage therapist is to help with those that need my help especially when it comes to pain and who need to relax and get rid of stress.”

The main reason behind Sinei’s passion for healing which led him to undertake nursing studies and then eventually beauty therapy and massage, was borne out of love and necessity. 

Being the sole caregiver to his mother shortly after she suffered a stroke, Sinei wanted to provide the best care to his mother and more than that, he wanted to help heal her.

“My passion in this field of massage therapy is to help people who need my help with pain and who need to relax and get rid of stress especially my mum after she got a stroke. It made me want to study nursing and then massage to help her and others but not only that, but also to have a profession where I could be self-sustainable.”

His mother benefited first hand from his ability to apply his skills in both fields.

“With my mum’s condition, she is 80 percent better than before. Before she couldn’t even walk and I couldn’t leave her at home by herself. I had to bathe, feed and cook for her. But now I can go to work and do what I want and she can be at home by herself.”

With different qualifications under his belt and some experience in the beauty industry within Samoa, he decided it was time to go out on his own feeling confident that he had something to offer that was more than just a luxury service.

“I decided to go out on my own because I know I can do it; everything is possible if you put yourself in that position. People can achieve their goals and their businesses so why not do it, anyone can do it. With prayer, faith and trust – I cannot do this without those things because helping people and running a business at the same time is stressful but it’s also a blessing.”

Sinei blends his expertise in beauty and massage therapy with a clinical approach ensuring that client consultation is more than just skin deep.

“Whoever comes in to me, I observe them during a consultation from head to toe. I also ask everyone to fill out a form so I know exactly what has happened to them whether it is circulation problems, muscle constrictions.

“With nursing you deal with medications, injections and all that but therapists you deal with your hands as the healing instruments. There are no medicines or injections – you only deal with herbs and that’s why I name my business ‘healing therapy’.”

Cancer patients also can benefit from massage but one must be careful and knowledgeable about how to treat those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

“For cancer patients, I deal only with relaxation just to make them comfortable and relieve pain and tension. I’m currently providing massage therapy to a client with cancer and over three weeks I have noticed a difference in him. When he first came to me, he looked very dehydrated and pale and it really helps motivate me to help get rid of cancer and I always think to myself that anything is possible.”

While emergency medical attention is important, Sinei hopes to also educate people to take a more holistic approach to their health and that in the long term, prevention is better than cure.

“If you go to the hospital because of strained muscles, they will only give you medication and injections but there are always side effects to that medication. 

“I only deal with clients through my hands and these really help people and people think that the only solution is the hospital, we get medicine from the hospital but people need to realize that there is another way of healing and dealing with their ailments.”

Johannie Day Spa runs without all the indulgent details of a luxury beauty spa and John Sinei is the first one to point that out in his consultation with you. His work premises are clean, simple and basic. 

He prefers to let his expertise and care in massage therapy be is his greatest selling point and according to Sinei, his business is picking up because of repeat clientele and client referrals. 

At this time, Sinei plans to focus on massage therapy until his business expands to include other spa services.

Johannie Day Spa is open six days a week with Sunday bookings available by appointment. It is located at Tufuiopa across from Le Vai near Malifa.

There are mobile massage options available for those who have disabilities due to illnesses and need relaxation.

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