Power is a test of character

Dear Editor

“If you want to test a man’s character, give him power”

-Abraham Lincoln  

When was the last time 49 people in your family agreed on anything? People in my family don’t even agree on the same kind of food we eat. Some prefer soup, some say barbeque induces diarrhea, some hate oka and others vomit after corn beef. 

What am I saying? 

Prime Minister Tuilaepa has a lot in his favor like 49 people agreeing with him. 49 people who are clinging to job security or the hope of a promotion. Isn’t it convenient for the man in power that 49 people just join him? They don’t need to think or even have an opposition. Are they getting paid to agree? I don’t even agree with 9 people most of the time but 49 is absurd. Have you ever thought about 49 people agreeing with whatever you like? Even Jesus had disciples that disagreed with him. It’s astounding that 49 people under the rule of one guy that likes things his way. Isn’t it easier that way? 

It would be like the All blacks coach getting Manu Samoa to join the All Blacks because it’s easier to win games if your opponent just joins your team.

Can’t beat them so join them. 

The Prime Minister could make the most ridiculous bills like tax scuba divers over 50, tax toilet paper per square, tax the weed whacker that wears sandals, tax tampons, tax bus drivers that play Celine Dion’s music, or give diabetics a higher tax on sugary foods. 49 people say “yes to that”. 

With all due respect, the Prime Minister has done a great job and I couldn’t do any better. 

Maybe one out of 49 people could do his job. 

The point is Prime Minister Tuilaepa has got power. 

Who gave it to him? 



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