Parker all the way for Samoa

10 December 2016, 12:00AM

Lupesoliai Laauliolemalietoa Joseph Parker’s date with destiny is only a few hours away now. In Samoa, the WBO title fight fever has gripped the nation. Josefa Steven Maiava took to the streets to find out what people think and how far this fight will go. This is what they said:

Irwin Pauga – Laulii

(Irwin Pauga and Terrence Pauga)

“With my opinion I think it’s going to be a really good fight. They are both actually pretty quick fighters. Andy Ruiz has lost a lot of weight, he was quick when he was big but he’s lost a lot of weight and I’m sure he’s quicker now. However, I believe the hand speed of Joseph Parker is a lot quicker and I think there will be around 5 rounds before Joseph takes home the belt. Just two nights ago I watched the news of Andy Ruiz, he was just doing shadow boxing and I noticed that he had a wide opening in his stance that Joseph can definitely take advantage of. Given the fact that they are both fast, Joseph should just use his jab from a distance and use the opening I mentioned earlier for serious damage against Andy whenever he advances. All the best for your fight Joseph Parker! Just know that all of us here in Samoa and New Zealand are behind you.”


Persia Petaia- Vaivase

(Persia Petaia)

In reference to tomorrows fight, I think Joseph Parker will definitely win. From what I’ve seen he has a good physique and I know for a fact that Parker has put his all into his trainings. From an Islanders point of view, we do everything with our all and I’m certain Parker will do the same thing with his preparations for the big fight. No way is Parker planning on letting us down. I predict this will be a great fight filled with suspense and hopefully Parker doesn’t walk out victorious after the first two rounds because I enjoy long fights.   


Allen Joerimann- Tuanai

 (Allen Joerimann)

“I believe both boxers have the right skill set for greatness. They both show remarkable skill in the ring with great hand coordination, speed, and distance control. However, if I had to go for one boxer I would choose Parker. Parker has shown true perseverance and determination in his trainings. Despite other opinions on Andy having faster hands than Joseph I still believe our boy will do Samoa and New Zealand proud. So I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he won the match within the first 2 rounds.” 


Julia Mccarthy- Leufisa

 (Julia Mccarthy)

“I reckon Parker is going to win; he has a lot of supporters in New Zealand and especially our Samoan community. Ruiz is a pretty good fighter as well and he’s been training hard too so I believe it’s going to be a close fight. The fight will probably go up to 4 rounds before Joseph wins the match. Good luck to Joseph and know you’d do us all proud. Know that we support you all the way and people have bought T.V’s from our company Island Rock just to watch you fight in New Zealand tomorrow night.” 


Kalameli Paulo- Siumu

(Kalameli Paulo)

“They are both excellent fighters but I’m still on team parker. I believe all his hard trainings will pay off in the championship tomorrow in New Zealand. This fight will definitely be an interesting one and I think Joseph will deliver the finishing blow on the 3rd or 4th round. Represent our Pacific Island fighting spirit tomorrow and may you prosper in the ring. You got this Joseph Parker! We support you and remember your trainings when you enter the ring to face Andy Ruiz tomorrow.” 

10 December 2016, 12:00AM

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