No Parking

Think a minute… On this journey of life do you sometimes feel like pulling over and parking? You feel like you have done enough, worked enough, and learned enough. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to the end.

But “The problem with doing nothing is you never know when you’re finished.” When we pull over and park we get nowhere, and stop short of experiencing all that life has for us.

One parking place we might stop at is what we think are our handicaps and weaknesses, because we compare ourselves to others who have certain abilities we do not have. But we must realize that we have our own special abilities.

You and I must learn to accept ourselves with our own physical appearance, personality and talents. No one is completely handicapped!

We each have something very important that we can be and do in this world which no one else can. This is why others actually need you to make the most of your assets and abilities, so you add your contribution and influence in their lives.

A second parking place that many of us stop at is our failures. Yet we all have failed, so join the club! Simply learn from it and try smarter next time. “We’ve only truly failed when we stop trying.” It’s so simple, yet so true: “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.”

The final place many of us park is by our successes. In 1899, after the U.S. Patent Office had given over 600,000 patents, it made this statement: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” They could not have been more wrong!

Think of all the inventions since 1899: airplanes, radio, television, the computer, the Internet, cell phones—just to name a few! And inventions continue to be made every single day!

Just because you have achieved a little success in life, does not mean that is all you can do. “Some people think they’re in the groove when they’re really in a rut.” You will never know all you could have done in life unless you keep going and growing.

For whatever reason, if you have given up and stopped reaching for more in your life, you can change all that today. Right now, you can ask Jesus to forgive you for your failure to live the way you know you should. Then ask Him to help you with His power so you can start living His way every day. It is only then that you can move on to fully living His great plan for your life.

Just think a minute…

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