You lack education

Re: Low standard of education in the Police

F.F.S your letter reflects your level of education rather than the level of education of the police officers to which you point the finger.

Let me enlighten you on how para-military organisations as you called the police, work. There is a command structure, which you follow and under that you follow the commands given by your superior officer.

 Do you question these orders, no, otherwise the whole system falls over. 

Until such time as the Commissioner is legally re-instated, Leiataua did the right thing and followed orders. 

But then you talk about these organisations as if you actually have significant knowledge about their workings.

You have also never worked in a public service position for you would know from your training that under the Westminister system public servants work for their heads of departments and minister(s). 

Minister Pinati might be a politician but at the end of the day, he is the one accountable to Parliament for the workings of the police department. 

Therefore I disagree with you about police officers taking orders from the Minister. Public servants including police officers do as a matter of course.

For your further education, the Police Commissioner is not the police department, don’t confuse the organisation with the person. 

Leiataua and the corporal are employed by the police department and not by the Police Commissioner. 

But then you, as the educated person you portray yourself to be already know this. Or maybe not?

Don’t be too quick to judge other people for it might turn out to be that these low educated police officers you so contemptuously mocked probably have much better level of education than you would ever hope to achieve in your life time.


Vai Autu

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