Doing the damage

Think a Minute…This is a true story about a young Jewish boy named Karl who grew up in Germany. Karl’s father was very religious and made sure his family went to the Jewish synagogue and studied the Torah or Jewish bible every day. When Karl was a teenager his family moved to another German town where all the important people were Christians not Jews.

Suddenly, Karl’s father changed religions—not because he learned the truth that Jesus Christ is the only true God, but because he wanted to be popular and liked by the important people in the community. Karl’s family was so surprised and confused. Young Karl especially became deeply disappointed and angry at his father for being such a hypocrite. A few years later, Karl went to England to study and there he decided not to believe in God anymore.You see, that young teenage boy who was deeply disappointed and embittered by his hypocrite father was Karl Marx—the father of atheistic socialism. It was Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto.   So now for almost a hundred years, over a billion people have suffered under the hopeless rule of atheistic socialism which was started by that hurt and bitter young man, Karl Marx. That’s the terrible damage and influence which resulted from Karl’s hypocrite father.

Our children are watching the way you and I live every day! Our character and attitudes speak much louder than our words.  Our kids aren’t stupid. They see the act we put on to look religious and good in front of other people. Then they see how we really are at home. They see when we’re not honest. They see when we’re two-faced and gossip about others. They see us when we lose our temper and self-control. They see when we won’t forgive someone who hurt and wronged us. 

Our kids know whether or not we’re real Christians who live Jesus’ way every day.  But if we are hypocrites, it not only means we ourselves are in danger, it also does great damage to our children’s relationship with God and the kind of people they become as adults. So won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you?  Then ask Him to take charge of your heart so He can start helping you change.  That’s the only way your kids canlearn from you how to follow and become like Christ in their character and lifestyle.  Just Think a Minute…

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