P.M. issues threat

Caretaker Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, has warned the Opposition leader, Palusalue Fa’apo II, and members of the Tautua Samoa Party.

Responding to a call for Tuilaepa to change the name of the Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P) to Human Rights Corrupt Party (H.R.C.P), Tuilaepa cautioned Palusalue.  “They should think very carefully,” Tuilaepa said. 

Referring to Palusalue, Va’ai Papu and Le Tagaloa Pita who are former members of the H.R.P.P, Tuilaepa said he is sitting with a bag full of wrong things they did which he does not want to reveal.

 “So they should think wisely,” he said.

 “I don't want to start calling out these things because it would not look good for them.”

The Prime Minister rejected claims about his party being corrupt.

“They are the ones the corrupt ones. There are a lot of things these guys did when they were younger (that I know).”

Prime Minister Tuilaepa declined to elaborate.

But he said that perhaps Palusalue and the former members of the H.R.P.P who are with the Tautua Party have forgotten the things they did.

He maintained that Palusalue and Le Tagaloa in particular are dreamers who did exactly what they are accusing the government of, when they were members of the party.

Last week, when he asked to define what he meant by “corruption” in relation to Prime Minister Tuilaepa’s administration, Palusalue said he was referring to the “abuse and misuse of government’s resources for the personal benefit of members of the party.” “The Tautua believes there is no better word to describe it than corruption,” Palsualue said.

The Opposition leader referred to the fact that Associate Ministers are still using government vehicles, when Parliament has already been dissolved.

“They are abusing government’s resources and public assets,” said Palusalue.

“Associate Ministers are still using government vehicles and are still getting paid. They are using the cars now as means of transportation for their voters and for election campaigning. These people have no conscience at all.” 

Palusalue said such behaviours should not be tolerated because it hurts innocent people.   “They are doing all this while everyone is looking at them,” he said.

“It’s so blatant. I’m surprised to see the behaviour of these Associate Ministers, they know exactly that they no longer have to use government’s resources and yet they are still using them.

“But what’s sad is that the people are looking at their actions and so is God.

“Anyone who fears the Lord shouldn’t behave like that, they always choose to do the right thing. But this proves that these people do not fear God and are not scared of Him.” Palusalue said such the blatant abuse of power and public resources is one of the reasons they have decided to take the H.R.P.P to Court.  “We just want justice for all and we want to do the right thing,” said Palusalue.

“Taking them to Court means that we are not just blabbing about these things and doing nothing about them. We will let the Court decide what’s best and just for us.” Last week, Tuilaepa downplayed the lawsuit.

“Government will not be held hostage by these childish and foolish Opposition tactics,” Tuilaepa said. “It’s absurd.  For the Opposition to threaten government is like an empty 44 gallon drum when struck by a 2 by 4 inch Samoan cricket bat. It makes a hollow and thundering sound.”

Tuilaepa added: “To cite the Constitution as grounds for their politically infested strategy is a reflection of ignorance of the law.

 “I am disappointed that the Opposition’s bush lawyers could stoop so low to woo the voters.”


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