World order has changed

Dear Editor

Re: What President Donald Trump has already done for America!

Are you seriously anticipating the u.s. mad racist’s man donald trump (yes all in lower cases as not that important to the human race anymore) to call the shots and Mexico to pay for the wall?


As the u.s. being the biggest consumer of avocados in the world and Mexico being almost the single provider of the fruit across the border, Mexico has increased by 30 percent the price this year and has promised for more increases to come to compensate the trump 20 percent levy to build the wall.

Mexico will certainly pass the cost to the u.s. for their consumers to finance the trump’s wall.

Whatever proportions of levy trump would have in the planning for the Mexican exporters to the u.s., for sure Mexico would pass the buck for the idiots to pay for their own wall.

The racist crazy u.s. man’s idea of making america great again; first there’s no such country as america.

Do go back and search the racists crazy u.s. man never had said “to make the u.s. great again” but america.

But if he had meant the u.s., then poor guy’s dream will hit a snag just like his stop the Muslims big mouth tirade because, China, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico are well ahead of the u.s. now.

And by the time he gets there with the u.s., those countries are well too far ahead for the u.s. to catch up.

This world is not the same old world; this is the new world order.

Tofaeono Hollywood

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