Wasting your life on untruths

Dear Editor

Re: Why it is problematic to put the Trinity in our Constitution

I might further add that Religion is the letter of the word where as Philosophy is the spirit of the word. 

“The letter of the word kills and the spirit of the word gives life.” 

So therefore Religion which literally taking the literal stands on principle where as Philosophy takes on the literary stands on principle.

The duality of lower mind vs higher mind. Religion is based on theology which is doctrinal and dogmatic and that everyone has to follow, no question asked just go along with what the church belief system is.

Philosophy on the other hand which means, love of wisdom dictates logic and reasoning to justify an argument that will explain truths that are factual.

The word ‘understanding’ that was vividly described by one intellectual said that if you are building a house, first and foremost check on the foundation.

If it’s a two story building, go under the structure and inspect the beams and see if its strong enough to hold the weight of the house and your family for safety. And to make sure what you are standing on is solid.

So in essence, that’s what the meaning of the word understanding is. When you spend most of your life believing in something and you later realized that is not true, you’ve wasted all your whole life because you didn’t “UNDERSTAND” in the first place.

So apply that understanding by asking questions instead of being a pawn to a system that requires us to be servitude.


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